Arcaeus friend and may take part in his "band"

In Arcaeus's vision he sees Wyvern playing the drums, Himself playing the electric guitar while Aneus sings and play the base. Wyvern and Arcaeus could back up sing too.

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His more Fancy/sophisticated clothing
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Gender- Male
Age- 18

Hair:Short, Red, and wavy.
Eyes: orange
Skin: pale white
Build: 5'9", semi muscular, medium build and is about 161 lbs
Race: Vampire
Birthday: July 8th
Outfit 1: look above

He's a vampire! Their dangerous!

Not very social, Smart mouthed, mean, can be a bit blunt at times and finds it awkward to open up to people. He's best friends with Arcaeus to whom he can be incredibly blunt towards. However both are incredibly loyal to one other.

-has a sweet tooth for Rock Candy & Sugar Swizzle Sticks.

-getting told what to do
-the sun

He lives in a vampire infested area....town which is unusually dark at all times of the day, not too far from town where Arcaeus and Aneus live. People doesn't seem to know that Vampires live out there and could harm them, though they choose not to...for now. Wyvern usually stays out the sun but his family and some other fellow vampires found a powerful sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun. The effect is everlasting....that's what the side panel said.

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