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The Sealed Devil
well lol this will be a small entry of a far off future OC i have in mind if you desire to leave a comment or two at the bottom feel free
Chapter 3 Final Resolution
User Image Arriving from the other side of the gap Asura would find himself in a baron unknown land in front of him set a change of clothes and a note after getting his self together he'd walk over and look it over"I'm deeply sorry for the loss of your family but you mustn't show hatred you must not let it consume you before you is a simple choice will you pick to live out your life happy and normal? or will you ignore my words and take up the black sword--"he'd look away from the note somewhat confused by the last entry"...a sword there's nothing but clothes here..." suddenly a gap would form int he sky and a jet black sword would fall and impale deeply into the ground his eyes going wide as Asura jumped back in shock"w-what the hell is going on?!?!"almost prepared to flee again he'd come to a stop as he began to realize what was really happening"....she wants me to choose....will i go hunt Rumia only to die in the process...or will i ignore her wrongs...."he turned and looked at both the sword and the clothes,closing his eyes he'd walk towards the clothes and get changed,once done he'd pick the note back up and continue reading"i know you may be confused right now and it is understandable though but a human would stand no chance at all against Rumia or any youkai for that matter...the best you can do for now..is live what life you have left Sincerely Yakumo Yukari~"...so Yukari is her name huh"he'd smile a bit then look to the sky"...thank you Yukari...i won't hunt Rumia though but..."reaching out he'd grab the hilt of the sword,the second he touched it he'd let out a loud scream for you see that was no normal weapon,in fact it was the cursed blade Ragnarok its said those who touch the hilt with hate or malice in there hearts would be cursed to there graves for our young hero he was about to feel just that slowly the curse would tear away at his body till it finally killed him,as Asuras life faded away all he could think of was".....this is it......i ignored her....i shunned her kindness away....s.....sorr-"before he could finish the curse would already had claimed his life for a good 13 minutes he'd lay there motionless until finally his body would suddenly jerk up violently before going into a massive seizure,from inside all his bodily organs would start decay and rot turning a sickening black ooze as a result his skin would start to darken as well,his eyes rolling back before they to rotted away,finally his hand would fall from the hilt as the marrow of his bones faded soon them to as well,the body would lay on the ground before taking on a new unknown shape,the ooze inside his body taking on the form of what would appear to be blood it would course through him before bursting out from what used to be the chest cavity,the blood would extend out and wrap around the hilt of the sword,once it had it in its grasp it would take the form of a clawed hand,slowly the rest of the blood would take physical form till what appeared to a wolf like youkai stood over the empty body"....so....this is what happened...very well.."his rationality gone he took the sword and slide it on his back,the second he was about to leave Yukari would appear before him once more"......come to tell me i did wrong..."he said,staring deeply at her as his eyes began to reform back as well"no...i came seal you away the choice you choose would be troublesome to the rest of the inhabitants here in Gensokyo"he'd glare at her a bit angered by her words "why you were the one that gave me this you were the one that made it tempting to pick"as he ranted to her a gap would form with three seals planted around,slowly Asura would sink down into the center of the planet,looking back to her one last time he'd only stare deeply towards Yukari,his last words being"...i will never....ever...forget you..." and with that the gap....and the seals binding him would vanish...its been many years since Asura has been sealed away...2 of them have faded..will the final be broken?...

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IMakoto Nanaya
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