Normally when you say you hate someone, you actually have a little side of you that likes them, even perhaps love them. Ladies and gentlemen this is not the case, I hate this person completely, I hate this person where I could go on and on just because the way they act around me is ******** disgusting. In order to understand my hate for someone which could scrape the moon itself. You have to know what I can't stand, my pet peeves, what grinds my gears, what rustles my jimmies.
Number 1: People with a humor of a 12 year old. example. BOOM! HEADSHOT! X3!!

Number 2: People who claim they love anime yet all they watch is adult swim on saturdays and I mean ONLY adult swim. I LOVE ALL ANIME, BLEACH, NARUTO, AND DEATHNOTE! LIGHT and L forever!

Number 3: Peoples attitude. Snobby assholes who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it because they have issues at home or whatever. They cause a scene which makes them seem like a b***h in the end.

I think three is enough for now, I could go on but those are the milestones which if they are passed, I'll begin to slowly try to do so much as avoid even breathing or looking in your direction. Shayne has passed all 3 and more. Oddly enough I dated this person. Why? Because when you're alone for so long even a ******** barbwire wrapped around your arm would feel like love.
At first things seemed alright even if she was a b***h and a snobby to everyone, even me. She'd do anything to get her way and if she didn't she'd slam her books, pout, or give a glare to whomever is giving her a problem, which was everyone because she needed a reason to bleed on something as often as she does. She wrote stories and I was actually impressed until you heard how the plots worked in her head. Let me give you an example. "There's a demon hunter who hunts a demon who's actually her sister who were separated at birth. After killing her sister, she finds out she's a demon herself." I can't ******** stand s**t like that. I mean what could possibly be interesting about that? The twist is just ******** stupid and the story itself is something I could pull out of my a**. I know that's mean but it's just like any other story I could find by typing in demon hunter on google. This isn't the only thing that she's done that's just stupid and cliche. Her role playing name is either Kai or Shadow, she likes calling things Lucifer, and even her email is just sad.

So she's a b***h who's easily butthurt about anything, she likes to cause drama, she comes up with the most generic s**t ever and her humor is just ******** terrible also.
People claim I still love her but I don't, I lied to her about dating someone else just to stay away and I'd do anything just to make her get out of my eye sight.

She likes to mess with me too, she asks for hugs and touches my hair.