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Hey all. This is my journal. Most of it's just a bunch of random stuff.

Taiana Hanama
Community Member
Name: Taiana Hanama
Character Name: Ashe Pheonix
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Shapechanger
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 103 lbs
Country of Birth: Neutral
Status: Single
General Personality: She's as bright and happy as her hair. Never letting anything bring her mood down. She's bubbly and can be loud, but don't let that fool you. She also has a temper as firey as her hair. She's gone through hell and back, and knows how to fight. She is loyal to the people she trusts...which is not very many.
General Biography: There are two warring clans of the Shapechanger race. The Cheysuli and the Homanans. In both tribes it was forbiden to go near the other. The Cheysuli were known for their yellow animal eyes, while the Homanans were known for their brillian red hair. Her mother was the Cheysuli clan leaders daughter, and her father...he was a Homana warrior. They met secretly, and when her mother got pregnant and had Ashe. Who had briliant red hair, and glowing yellow beast eyes. She had to tell her father about her secret meetings. And so the Cheysuli attacked the Homanans, and Ashe's father was killed. Her mother, cast out of her tribe, wondered the land of Neutral. She lived until Ashe was 10. Then, she just couldn't hold on any longer, her hate and isolation from her tribe had warped her mind. And she went crazy, killing herself. So Ashe grew up alone, forever knowing she hadn't been enough to keep her mother alive. She learned how to fend for herself, and became very independent. Not liking company from other human beings, preferring the animals. She still lives in Neutral, though she doesn't have a permanent home.
Other: She can shift her shape and converse with animals, and has a perfect shot with a long bow. She doesn't fight with a sword, but with a long dagger. She has a leopard companion whom she calls Tyrn.
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