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Hey all. This is my journal. Most of it's just a bunch of random stuff.

Taiana Hanama
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Lestat Wilde
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ln α иut ѕhell

          My given name is Ashe Pheonix
          But I guess you may call me Ashe
          Are you blind? I'm a(n) Erstit, Hini'arr mutt
          My Spirit can Animal shapechange
          Obviously I'm a(n) Female
          The candles on the cake say I'm 22
          Proof of my Spirit Bright green and orange
          I can only reach the branches that are 5'1"
          I'm starting to noticeN/A

ωhat нappened ωas
          Ashe was born to an Erstit father and a Hini'arr mother, both feared the Spirited greatly. So when she was born with her multi colored eyes, her parents imediatly abandoned her in the forest to die. Her power showed itself imediately, shifting herself into a wolf cub, then hawk, then back to a baby She started wailling, shifting shape uncontrollably. A wolf b***h heard her howling as a wolf pup and came to investigate. The wolf raised Ashe....all the girl ever knew was wolf. She knew she was an Mutt, she knew she could change her shape to anything. She also knew she was hated. Which is why she avoided people as a human. If she needed an item, she would steal it in an animal form. She retained her fathers ears, but her mothers stature.

          She's a happy animal, playful and bouncy. She likes to goof off and play, she's loud and proud. But as a human, when having to confront other humans, she shuts down. Saying only what's necessary. She isn't shy, not one bit, she's a very proud woman. She just doesn't like talking to people, not trusting them.

I do love

          An open field
          Sweetened tea

Don't come near me

          Having to interact with people
          The smell of fish
          Loud noises
          Sharp, hard odors

          Long dagger and a long bow

тhe ρerson ρulling тhe strings ls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Taiana Hanama

heart emo
1.Taiana Hanama
2.Taiana Hanama
3.Taiana Hanama

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