Well well well, I'm actually posting this one relatively close to my past entry, go figure.

So, if you've read my past posts, you'll know that I only ever really make journal entires when something interesting or important is coming up in my life, and that big important something is Driver's Ed! (whooooooo).

At any rate, I hear that Driver's Ed is both heaven and hell. Bear with me, those of you who have experienced it before, but this is all hear-say that my friends and peers have given me.


If you have friends with you, you can basically goof off for the majority of the class. I happen to have one of my very best friends with me. So this could be a lot of fun, granted I'm going to be sitting in a classroom for a really long time, but you win some you lose some.

All in all, a good time.


I'm taking the 6 hours classes with maybe 1 break. This is also going to be over my winter vacation, IE the following week. The hours are from 9-3 every day for 5 days, so that's 30 solid blocks of time that my life is completely devoted towards sitting in a room with a guy telling me to do things...

pretty rough.

Feel free to put in your input or advice, or just a comment in general!