So, my long-time anime-loving german/italian otaku sister-like friend, Gail is moving. gonk She's the one who got me into the anime I'm into now. I'll dearly miss her with all my heart. I'M not the only one whose gonna miss her. There's also Nicki-chan(my other anime-loving onne-chan friend) who when she first moved into our school, Gail was her first friend, Ada(my vietnamese best friend) who Gail got her to be as opening, Lilly(My best friend) the girl who would be so shy, but now isn't as afraid to take a chance, Elly(my other best friend) her altra random buddy, and the guys who saw that even a girl can be just as random, weird, tomboy-ish, and silly as them. We will all miss you Gail, but I'll still keep you alive with my flipnotes. mrgreen

We'll never forget you and your kind, werid, anime-loving personality... heart heart