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Name: Jasper
Guardian: Zanac
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 18/19
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Eye Colour: Silver
Hair Colour: Black
Died: n/a
Ability: Feathered angel wings, but when the feathers fall out they’re razor sharp and ready to use for weapons.
Weapon: Doesn't need one.
Personality Quirks: Methyphobia, Pharmacophobia, Monophobia
Tattoo’s and Jewelry: Various piercings in his ears, any type except plugs, w/one dangling cross earring in one ear. Lillith’s name is self-tattooed on his left ring finger. A small black upside-down cross on his right shoulder blade.
Likes to wear: Slick black outfits, alternative clothes, studs, has a dingy old black hoodie that he wears sometimes(when Lillith hasn’t stolen it), motorcycle boots, anything he knows he’ll look good in.
Backstory: Jasper was an orphan and never got over it. Though he was adopted by a loving couple when he was three, he insists on calling them his fosters instead of his parents. His adopted parents were fairly wealthy from old money, and neither needed a demanding job. They were smart with the money though, and still worked and taught Jasper that money wasn’t everything. They had help (maids, nannies, etc.) around the house, and enjoyed culture.
Growing up he had a private tutor until the third grade when he was entered in public school. He was constantly torn between the everyday and the lives his adopted parents led. He would go from school to be dressed and ready to view an orchestra. He was taught the piano and the violin before asking if he could learn guitar instead, and he was taught to be able to recite and sing classic plays and music from them. His adopted parents wanted to instill the respect for such things while he was young, before he stopped listening to them altogether.
By the time he was thirteen he was already rebellious, rejecting the careful clothes bought for him in favor of edgier outfits. Over time his trademark style became all black/monochrome outfits with possibly a bolt of colour somewhere. He grew fond of alcohol, starting with beer until he could drink anything. By fifteen he’d gained a reputation for one-night-stands and was hooked on easier drugs.
Two years later he was taking harder stuff, and his adopted parents had no idea what to do. He was a hit at parties though, and always the one that got the most attention. He was popular as he could be. He held two girlfriends briefly before he started dating Savannah at seventeen. The relationship was rocky, but he still thought himself in love. Savannah OD’d and he never got to see the note because her parents had never approved of him.
Things grew worse and worse for him, until he finally passed out in the hallway of his house. It hadn’t been the first time he’d passed out (often he didn’t know where he was when it happened) but it was the first time he woke up in the emergency ward in the hospital.
His adopted parents couldn’t ignore it any longer and sent him to rehab, checking in on him daily. He recovered for the most part and couldn’t stand being there any longer and left. His adopted parents wanted him to go back and he refused, but agreed to have a specialist check him randomly throughout the day for alcohol or any drug.
By his last year in school he was recovered, and requested to be moved to another school for multiple reasons. The request was granted and he found himself in the same school Lillith and the others were in.
For him, it was love at first sight, and he tried to introduce himself almost daily. He never got the chance though, but he couldn’t help gaining popularity in the new school. Finally he saw Lillith at the mall and tried to charm her, but her paranoia and mistrust kept him from making headway.
After being kidnapped Zanac appeared to him and Lillith fumed over him having a guardian like Skelacat.
They escaped their captors and Jasper learnt that his adopted parents had died from a car crash, and sunk into despair. He relapsed temporarily into drugs but Lillith pulled him out. He got the idea that everyone whom he loved, and cared for him in return, died, and so avoided Lillith because he thought she still disliked him and would have a chance to live. At this same time she realized she loved him, and tried to convince him otherwise. She was unable to, but they still got together when he realized that if she did love him, then it didn’t matter if they were together or apart. So they might as well be together.
Song: Into the Night, Chad Kroager feat. Santana
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