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Oc stuff
Interviews, etc.
Name: Loren
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: European
Age: 17
Height: 5 foot 8 inch
Eye Colour: Icy blue
Hair Colour: Black with red over the left eye.
Died: ???
Ability: Vampire
Weapon: None
Personality Quirks: Bitter, hates Iris,
Tattoo’s and Jewelry: None
Likes to wear: Doesn’t care, often wears open button-up shirts or T-shirts. Pretty much anything that’s easy to put on.
Backstory: Changed by his older brother, who was afraid of living as a vampire. Despite the age difference and the scant one inch height difference, the brothers were practically twins, even being able to feel what happens to the other. After they were both vampires Onyx told him never to go back to his family, but of course Loren did. When he got there, he accidently killed his father, mother, and unborn sister. Every time he tells the story he claims it was Onyx who did it.
After making their way to  the brothers stuck together until Onyx was swayed to the dictators side and Loren refused. They separated and Loren, desperate for guidance (since neither of them had received proper training for their new abilities), found a master. The older vampire did teach Loren, but he was abusive at the same time, treating him as a slave more than a pupil.
Loren learnt all he could and escaped, and tried to free his brother’s mind from the dictator. When the dictator decided he’d become too much of a pest, she trapped him to a plot of land that he was only free to wander at the midnight hour.
This land later became the plot which the building Lillith and the others were kidnapped to was built on. He convinced her to free him in exchange for his loyalty. She did so, and he did her a favor by turning Chad into a vampire in order to save his life, and teaches him to use his abilities. He also offered to teach Lillith some that she could use, and she’s the only one he’s almost nice towards. Some--Iris--believe they have latent sexual chemistry, though Lillith scoffs at the idea.

Hey I'm old and I draw sometimes.
Quote me if you want me.
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