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Name: Rat
Guardian: n/a
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Age: Appears 18ish
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour: White blonde, mostly white
Died: June 4th, 1919
Ability: Read minds and reprogram/control them. Distance has an effect on this.
Weapon: Wooden pole w/ serrated blade on one end and the other end sharpened.
Personality Quirks: Sadist, a bit Masochistic, Creeper
Tattoo’s and Jewelry: None
Likes to wear: Plain clothes that are fairly unnoticeable, bandages, ripped/altered clothes, always in dark colours.
Backstory: Lived in the early 1900’s but his father died when he was four, and then his mother died a few years later of illness. By this point he was already practically on his own and had already become a thief. Due to his light hair and skin he earned the nickname The Ghost and due to this many people were simply too scared to stop him. One of the houses he regularly robbed was one Lillith had worked in as a servant girl in a past life. He became too comfortable robbing houses and a husband stabbed him to death when he heard his wife scream.
After his death he realized his abilities to read/control minds and created a group who would work for whoever would pay the proper amount to gain information or collect bounties. Everyone in the group has the alias of an animal name to keep everyone safer, and to keep himself even safer he pretends to only be a scout/guard instead of the leader and uses another person as the pretend leader. He re-met Lillith while she and her group were traveling and wandered into their property. After Lillith killed the previous poison-master they took her for their new one.
Song: None yet
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