Alright, not quite within the month, but hey, I'm close. <- failing for a better opening than "oh, hey, didn't see you there"

Let's see....I've been getting my driving work down. Still not technically taking lessons on my driving yet, and I really do need to do those. Just got back from Martha's Vineyard, though. The transportation on the island is both incredibly useful and incredibly untimely. The buses provide quick and easy transportation all over the island, but they have horrid time gaps between each bus, and the locations aren't always that clear to a first-time visitor.

At the Vineyard, I got to hang out with friends, play manhunt with tons of people during the evening, eat amazing local foods, and visit the beaches. My friends and I even got to swim with a wild seal (that is, until the adults decided to pull us out of the water). If nothing else, I want to go back. Very, very, soon.

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