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Name: Rat (Not real name, is his assumed name)
Guardian: n/a
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British
Age: Appears 18ish
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour: White blonde, mostly white
Died: June 4th, 1919
Ability: Read minds and reprogram/control them. Distance has an effect on this.
Weapon: Wooden pole w/ serrated blade on one end and the other end sharpened.
Personality Quirks: Sadist, a bit Masochistic, Creeper
Tattoo’s and Jewelry: None
Likes to wear: Plain clothes that are fairly unnoticeable, bandages, ripped/altered clothes, always in dark colours.
Backstory: Born in the year 1900 to a moderately wealthy family, he should have had an easy life. This wasn’t the case since his father died when he was four. His mother had no experience working (having come from a wealthy family herself) and struggled to keep herself together. The house was sold and his mother got work from a sympathetic family as a maid, and they moved into the servant’s quarters in that house.
His mother became exceedingly depressed, and soon succumbed to illness. By this time Rat had been practically on the streets since his mother was too busy and unsure how to care for him. When she died when he was seven it was no big surprise, and he-refusing to work for the family she had-found himself completely on the streets.
He started out begging, but once he grew too old to rely on people’s pity for children he learnt thievery, starting from a pickpocket and earning just enough to rent a small room to keep himself out of the cold. He started hitting richer targets, and-after moving across town-switched to houses so by the time he was sixteen he was adept at cat burglary.
Fairly successful in his work, he enjoyed dressing up and pretending he was wealthy among the people he robbed. He was rarely seen entering houses, but due to his light skin and hair was often thought to be a ghost, which later earned him the nickname The Ghost and people tended to avoid him.
One house he targeted and robbed was one Lillith happened to work at as a servant girl. They met, and though Lillith knew better, she let him in when he visited as long as he didn’t steal too much to be obvious or get her in trouble. She was nervous and coquettish around him, he was nervous and adoring around her.
He had the chance to tell her a hundred times that he loved her but didn’t, and she was murdered. Afterwards he seemed less careful in his robberies and was seen. The woman screamed and her husband stabbed him to death.
After death he arrived in  and quickly realized his abilities to read/control minds. He continued his thieving ways while practicing with this power. He soon got the idea to control a whole group of people, some more than others, to create a group that he could have work gain information for the highest bidder, and collect bounties. This group became feared and respected, and also an invaluable asset to the dictator. Though Rat controls them, he pretends to just be a scout so if someone tries to kill the head he’s not targeted.
Lillith and the group unknowingly passed through their land while traveling, and Rat gathered others to punish them. Normally the punishment for trespassing was dismemberment, but he knew they were alive from their minds and didn’t order it. He instead had them tied up to be tortured for information, but Lillith got free and ended the poisonmaster. Amused, Rat had her brought back to the main building and left the others to starve.
She was kept in a cell, and forced to become the new poisonmaster. Her days were torturing those whose side she was on while her nights were uncomfortable and watched. Rat stationed himself as one of the guards to her, and spent the time she was sleeping to probe her mind. He became enchanted and decided to keep her, instead of turning her in for the bounty. He also found that she and the servant girl he’d fallen for were the same person.
He took this for a second chance and spent time with her, growing more and more enamored when she realized again that she cared dearly for him. He had changed though, he was no longer as sweet and careful as he’d been in life, instead he had become sadistic, masochistic, and cruel. Although he hid these traits from her for the most part, they still appeared. He also needed to keep appearances of not being the leader, and the person chosen to be the face would’ve never shown mercy on Lillith, so she was treated as any other prisoner. This included torture to make sure she didn’t work for the rebellion, and driving large nails (similar to railroad spikes) through the back of her heels to prevent escape.
After weeks of this, Lillith discovered everything was his fault and managed to escape by lighting the building on fire and being aided by her friends. Rat, in an attempt to pursue and leave the burning building, was trapped under burning beams. His skin all but burned off, requiring-even though the dead heal abnormally fast-months of recovery.
Song: None yet

Hey I'm old and I draw sometimes.
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