Well, zippity-do-da-day, the time's flown by. A new school year, one of my bestest friends ever moved away (temporarily), I FINALLY got a deviantART account (Leonna-Kanine), I've finally started reading Harry Potter, which I procrastinated for years, but hey, at least I don't have to wait for the next book. xp Still trying to desperately write a book, or RE-write I should say. But it's hard with this much stuff to do.... crying And, the most exciting news of all: I've dramatically improved in math! blaugh . Okay, so it's not that special, but I can't think of any EXTREME events happening lately. Ever since my Drama Queen of a bestie left, things have been pretty quiet & tame.... For now stare . Well, just thought I'd give an update since I looked at my old entries & thought "Wow, that was so long ago. And so grammically incorrect!" So I deleted them & thought I'd start off fresh. Anyways, thanks for reading, leave a (nice) comment, & have a wonderful day/night! biggrin