This week's been sucking, basically in a nut shell. We've had nothing but school projects after school project & my mom was obsessing over it & getting made at me for the smallest things. She makes me depressed & want to kill myself sometimes, I swear. :/ But I know I won't 'cause I thirst for life too much & there's plenty more goods to balance her rotten attitude out! ^_^ Like for example, Jesse, my HUGEST crush I've ever had. I'm just head over heels for him & he makes my day everyday! biggrin Then there's my absolute bestest friends ever: Erie & Maddie! (And Elli, but we haven't talked in a while). I know they'd be upset if something happened to me, so I've gotta take care of myself!
So, is there someone you like to think you live for/can't live without? :3