You know, it really touches me how much you care. How big a ******** you just seem to give about me. I really enjoyed trying to give you everything I had just to watch it all burn, with naught but a haughty stab to the chest to match. Seeing you walk away without so much as a second glance just uplifted my sullen spirits so much, and I wanted to commemorate you for it. Perhaps the hole carved into my chest can reflect the same feelings for you.

Well, I suppose there is one thing missing. Just my heart, which I loved seeing you drop onto the floor and do a pirouette on top of. Swell. Just, swell.

I am an imperfect being. Want the best out of life? Don't look here. You sure as hell won't find it. ******** me, and ******** the world I'm trying to live in. Only in death's eternal slumber will we find everlasting peace.