Wow, I have some catching up to do, lol. Okay, so my hugest crush (Jesse) & I went out for a month & half! biggrin He asked me out right after Christmas... then broke up with me before Valentine's Day. And, well, the past two weeks have sucked a lot. Starting from February 5th, the day someone rear ended us, we've had nothing but bad luck. For example, Jesse broke up with me, my math grade went from a 98 to an 89 all because of one test I made a B on (I think I pulled it back up, though), I've been sick on & off (over all MISERABLE), the New York trip our class was planning (& that I already fully paid for) was canceled, & as of now, all the girls in soprano in chorus think someone's messing up & that it's me. Hello! I have a hoarse throat! You can hear my voice crack when I talk! At least I'm freaking trying & putting forth an effort! God, the upperclassmen annoy me. Oh, well, at least I still have the love of my friends & family. smile Which reminds me, I'm on talking terms with Elli again, my mom's fine now (no more projects... for now), & I've made lots of new friends! biggrin Like, Melissa, Ariel, Wes, Curt, Brandon, Jessica, & Jojo (we were already friends, but we're better friends now. ^_^) Well, adios. I need some rest. smile Be good little noodles~