Never could we see
What lies deeper
Seeming that our view
Can't be changed
Deciding where to go
And believe in your disaster
Deleting a future untold

This is the final deceiver
This is the devil in me
Expecting deeds in the manking
Will show no final relief

Ever would we dance
With the reaper
Seething in a monstrous cage
Ideas meant to placate
When meeting your disaster
Are only for a desperate fool

Destructive thoughts to mislead us
Can come from deep underground
Believing sources unbroken
Will tear the legion apart

Will we be forever free as we unchain our souls
From life forever
You are just a slave to the dust
Another time, where you and me will be freed
With one more last endeavour
You cannot escape your fate now


Try me, don't deny me
Please embrace me in your peace
I want to fly into the bright
Would you please guide my last goodbye
Why won't you lie with me, my light's ending
On a night when I find, I'll take my final flight

Now come and see divinity where night turns day
So far away from heaven
You will never earn my trust
Provoke the need, give word to deed,
And dive into another god-like atmosphere
You will never find your way out


I'd rather die
Than breathe in my shame
They'll know my name
All hell in flames
For our faith
We proudly die
For it we would die
For our sovereign
All hell wil arise
Hell will surely rise

We'll serve our cause
In earning reward
Earning our reward
Collision of skies
The ocean wept dry
Every ocean dry

Another's desperation flying through the emptiness
As my degradation throws me out the of line

Take the final flight
Into the serenade forever lost in time