Resigetment Episode 1
Theme- Beginning Of the Resigetment Club

Flashback- Secrets To Naoki's Past

It was a dangerously snowy day......a child was breathing very hardly running down the staircase, while being chased by his mother. He was running, not really thinking, just running whereever he could get to to get to safety. He ran up to a dead end, which was a he was competely isolated........stranded between the wall and his mother who was wielding a knife, child Takashi cried, cried, screamed with sobby tears.His mother unmercilous ignored his crying walking closer and closer to him with the sharp weapon. The scared child realized there was gasoline sitting next to him. He threw it infront of him and Misako, quickly took out a lighter from a compartment from his backpack and lighted the gasoline up. The fire flared wildy. The scared mother Misako backed away in fear and started to run back. Takashi climbed quickly on the sink,opened the window and jumped out. He wildy started to slide down the frosty, snowy roof top. Meanwhile, Misako ran to baby Naoki's room, to his crib, grabbed him, and ran out. She ran out their nearest emergency exit and ran out there without closing the door behind herself. Takashi ran away from the burning house, looking back, and forth.

Misako was running through the deep, white, snow as the falling snow was falling down on her. Soon she reached a wide snow cave. She placed her baby down on the ground".....Thats it.....I cant take it anymore.....Im gonna go find us help. And while Im at it Im gonna makesure i get to the police okay? ......Just hold on" Misako said to her baby. She got up and left him alone.

She went back to fighting the terrible snow storm. Her foot stepped into the deep soft white snow. "" Misako beginned to cry. "******** you all.....yall are NEVER THERE FOR ME!!!!" Misako screamed. She fell into the snow......her eyes changed to grey...

4 days later, Ryosuke the father arrived home in a taxi. He opened the door to his house"....Misako what the heck happened? did you burn something?" Ryosuke asked." No, your *son* tried to kill us all....I told you there was something wrong with that child and he doesnt need to be part of this family...we were going to freeze to death out there so i just putted the fire out with the snow " Misako said."......Power's out? " Ryosuke asked. "Duh,......what do you expect? in this kind of weather you expect the electricity to still be working?" Misako asked. "im just asking, you dont always have to have something smart to say back" Ryosuke said seriously." Dont ask stupid questions. It's annoying" Misako said.".......Everything annoys you........and i really think Takashi didnt just start that fire for no reason, you did something to intimidate him" Ryosuke said." i didnt do anything to Takashi....I didnt. I told you before. The kid is crazy, got some mental......but you never listen to me....and thats why you're just seemingly to know about this s**t" Misako said looking at him. " Takashi told me about you, he says you hurt him when Im not around, Misako I told you not to do it, I told you to leave him alone..."Ryosuke said looking at her."This is my house, i can hurt him if i want to, the little brat deserves it anyway! I am so tired of him he makes me so sick! "Misako said....." ******** you, ******** this. I cant take this s**t anymore. I cant take you, i cant take all of this responsibility.I cant take worrying whether my kid's alright because you're a violent b***h, Im sick of you, GET OUT!!!!! Ryosuke yelled seriously. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! this is all your fault! get out! "Ryosuke yelled out of anger. Misako got up. She slapped Ryouske in the face. "b*****d, and you wonder why i like you're brother better than you. Your jealous of him because he's better than you. ******** you too, you dont got s**t. You dont make enough money, you just comeback sweating up the ******** place and expecting me to take the unacceptable s**t you bring here" Misako said. "Thats why none of your family likes you. Your a trashy slut that doesnt do s**t and complains all the ******** time. I'd like to see for once you get off your fatass aand get a ******** job, GET THE HELL OUT!!!!" Ryosuke yelled....."Your the reason why this family is messed up. You bring drama to the house, you are a bad influence whererever you go......i cant take it anymore....i work to hard to have to put up with this stuff..." Ryosuke said.."......I dont care what anyone thinks of me anymore......take care of my child..." Misako said. "I cant.....he cant grow up into this kind of family condition....his brother ran away, you're screwed upima warrior, I cant he's going into foster care with a real healthy normal family who will love and support him at all times needed." Ryosuke said.