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I decided to change what I had in here. I have fixed everything so that my RPC are in this journal feel free to look it up. I don't mind, but remember I worked hard on these characters.
Theodor Dumitrescu
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Theodor Felix Dumitrescu




Ability to read Auras, and cast magic, any type. In a sense he can control any and every element known to man, because he has trained since he was a child.

Theodor is kind and cunning, but only because he was taught to act in such a way. Having been a wizard since he was born he was greatly gifted as well as tormented, so he grew a harsh exterior to those whom he did not know. To his master, or his wizard teacher he gave them the utmost respect and followed anything he was told to do.

Being born a wizard Theodor found out he was gifted, and cursed with a heavy burden. His parents, when they found out about what he was, gave him away. Or rather let someone adopt him. In turn his uncle Dimitrio adopted him when he was four and began to teach him everything he knew about being a wizard. The man blessed Theodor with love and amazing teachings and loved him like a son, and Theo greatly appreciated the man for it. After being adopted by his uncle he nevr saw his mother and father again, but was glad to be rid of them in all honesty. They treated him more like a cursed rune than a son.

At the age of seventeen his uncle finally began to teach him defensive and offensive magic, before it was mainly how to turn a toad into another animal, or so on and so forth, but the only way his uncle swore to teach him was by having him bare an oath. He promised to never used this magic in public and never to harm a human being, or even to make them fall in love with him. He had scoffed at that last part honestly. Because even before his uncle began to teach him the magic he so desired to learn the woman were watching him and flirting with him. Now he lives alone, sad that his Uncle died. But it was all in due time and the man truly did teach him everything. He was truly ready to be a wizard, but was he ready to love?

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