I always do seem to find myself writing here when I am up incredibly late at night and supposed to be doing a writing assignment.

Procrastination at its best, I suppose. Well, let's get to it then.

I noticed an old, let's say friend, looking at my profile recently. I do wonder, occasionally, how you're doing, what things have been going on, whether or not you still remember me, and so forth. Reminiscing stuff now I see. Regardless, whatever I spoke to you last that caused our separation was duly and wholeheartedly meant. Scarcely do I rescind my statements, else I wouldn't have said them to begin with.

I always did find it interesting how mankind is naturally inclined to fight itself. Countries, nations, states, provinces, groups, sides, all the way down to individuals, conflict riddles us every day down to the smallest decision. A sad and sorry existence for the most advanced race on the entirety of the world. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of space, there's a utopian world where there is no fighting, no problems, and no emotions. Everything is a blissful ignorance until the ultimate and inevitable sleep from which we never wake.

Alright, enough of this. Bedtime calls.