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Ravings of a (somewhat) sane man.
First experience with Minecraft!
Spawned on a beach next to a very small stream of water and a forest biome! Very lucky since I could easily harvest all the wood I wanted to. Ooh yeah~ After cutting down two or three trees I notice that the sun is already dropping below the horizon. Time kind of got away from me there. Ran deeper into the forest expecting to find a hill that I could burrow into and cry while monsters try to come in and get me, but it's flat land everywhere I look! Crafted a sword real quickly just to be safe. Kept running around and found four or five zombies! Somehow I managed to kill them all off, but I'm almost dead now. No time to be heroic. I have to dig a hole in the ground and hope I don't plummet into a cave. It looks good though! And the ground around me is flat enough that I can expand in any given direction and not worry about opening up the surface again. Yay~! First off though I should probably plug the hole so monsters don't drop i- Wow, it's suddenly very dark. Monsters spawn in darkness. I didn't find any coal to make torches with. Umm... I think I'll go look for a cave! Those usually have a small coal vein near the start, don't they? Reequipped my sword and ran out of my hidey-hole to look for cave. Health is low too so I should be really careful. Oh, hello there skeleton!

Day 2

New plan. Get a handful of wood. Hop over the river. Burrow into a hill. Look for coal. Stay alive this time.

Found a very nice looking wall of dirt. I think I'll burrow inside and make it my new home! Behind it is a swamp I think. I'll get some new wood from over there and start a tree farm outside my house too.

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