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-Confucius had his Analects and I have my journal-
The Elements as We Know Them
There circumstances of parting ways from love:

Fire v Fire and the residue of everything surrounding it, whether it be scarred children or a charred comittment.

Water v Fire: This is a combination that should never cross; there is only disaster to end. There will either be nothing left of water, as fire's passion will evaporate and belittle water to mere vapors. Should water have the upper hand, fire will be extinguished by water's depth, ingenuity, and aplomb.

Ice v Fire: In this, Fire wastes it unending energy for but a puddle. Although, for fire, compromising structural integrity for matter so stoic may be enough. What little of ice melts often damages fire, considering most of what remains will retain no warmth.Both are only slightly compromised, but still mostly whole

Water v Ice: Where there is deluge and hostile indifference, one may freeze or the other thaw, respectively. It is water, though, that is at the mercy of ice. Ice could be too frigid for any release of heat to matter. And most of water's heat will be gone by the morrow. However, water sees the risk worth taking.

Ice v Ice: One would think this would be the lesser of all evils, but the impossibility of a final reaction where there once was ardency permits the frozen mind to linger. In a way, they both become transparent and they both can see what's inside the other, but will do nothing about it.

A combination: Both are coated in frozen water while their cores burn a minute flame - being fed by a weak spot supplying air - dripping negligible drops of water that crack the smooth countenance of seemingly apathetic ice. They become transparent to one another and recognize their twin flame. However, it stops becoming an issue of matter and its properties. Where is the heat, the energy? Is there enough will to convert a history into a future? The likelihood is measurable but not predictable.

I've recently met an ending in ice.

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commentCommented on: Mon Apr 08, 2013 @ 06:40am
Interesting take on the elements. This is way different from the other poems I read from you. Are you going for a bunch of different themes or does this have some kind of inspiration?

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commentCommented on: Mon Apr 08, 2013 @ 06:44am
I was inspired by life. The last tidbit at the bottom says I met an ending with ice. It is quite recent, but it got me thinking about other endings. And the juices started flowing into this piquant cocktail.

Idiosyncratic Quirk
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