Steve took a deep breath and knocked on the door to Allison’s studio.

“Who is it?” An angry female voice yelled.

“It’s Steve, ma’am.” He replied.

“It doesn’t matter.” She huffed as she opened the door. “I had a fire going and you killed it. Thanks a lot.”

“I’m sorry ma’am.” Steve said as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I came up here because I needed advice about something.”

Allison now stared blankly at him. “You need advice?” She asked slowly. “And you came to me? I’m both shocked and flattered.”

“Well, we didn’t know who else to go to.” He continued.

“We?” She craned her head around Steve’s back to see if anyone else was there.

“She didn’t want to come but you know her.”

“Okay…” She said unsure.

There was an awkward silence that filled the room before Steve broke the silence. “I’m no good when it comes to fashion or design but you’re a clothing designer so I was wondering…what dress would look best on a woman…that is…with child.” He said choosing his words carefully.

“Who’d you knock—er I mean get pregnant?” Allison asked, her eyes going wide.

Steve looked at his feet and whispered, “Samantha Stark.”

Allison gasped. “If Tony finds out—“

“I don’t care what he’ll do. We love each other and we’re getting married this May. Now will you help me?” He asked angrily.

Allison gave a small smile. “Sure, I’ll help. Just come in and I’ll draw up a few designs.”

“I was hoping you’d collaborate with Samantha.” Steve admitted.

“Um, sure. Where is she?”

“At a nearby café. She felt better discussing it outside of the tower.”

“Okay. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Are you coming with?”

“No, it’s bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding.”

Allison packed up a few sheets of sketchbook paper and her drawing pencils and headed to the café Steve had mentioned. She immediately found Samantha and sat next to her.

“I’m so glad you came!” Samantha yelped.

Allison gave her usual shy smile and pulled out the sketch paper. “I heard the wedding is going to be in May, how far along will you be then?”

“All business, huh?” Samantha teased. “I’ll be around three months along by then.”

“Okay. That’s not too far along. Your baby bump will hardly be noticeable. I’ve been considering your recent style choices and I’ve ruled out empire waist but options like ruching and cutouts are looking really good. We could also resize the dress portions to draw attention elsewhere such as making the skirt fuller or shorting the skirt length to show off your legs.” Allison continued to ramble until she felt a gentle hand on top of her’s.

She looked up to see Samantha holding her hand. “I can tell you’re uncomfortable.” She soothed. “I don’t know why but try to relax.”

Allison took a deep breath. “I didn’t even know you two were dating. This is all so sudden for me.” She took another deep breath. “Why don’t you tell me your vision for the wedding?”

Once Samantha and Allison had gotten back to the tower they had not only designed her wedding dress but created plans for the entire wedding ceremony.

“I never thought it would be this much fun.” Allison laughed as they walked towards the elevator.

“Allison out and having fun?” Tony said as he walked towards them. “I didn’t think you ever left your studio.”

Allison just smiled.

Tony continued. “Now that I know you’re not a total stick in the mud how about you come to my St. Patrick’s Day party?”

“I’ll think about it.” She said with an evanescent smile as she entered the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed Samantha turned to her, “My brother can be a bit of a jerk but I think he likes you.”

“Not in the mood for romance.” Allison replied as she looked away.

“He’s not much of a romantic.” Samantha giggled. “More of a one night stands deal. Maybe that’s something you could use.”

Allison gave a wry smile. “Yeah maybe.”

Samantha threw her arms around Allison. “Thank you.” She whispered in her ear. “I know we haven’t been very close to begin with and we only got farther apart after your break up with Bruce but I’m glad to know that we can be friends.”

Allison held her close and whispered back, “I’m glad too. You have no idea how happy I am to have a friend like you.”