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Ravings of a (somewhat) sane man.
Dragon's Dogma
This is one of my new favorite games. I'm going to tell you an early story experience about why I hate and love this game in equal measure.

My mission is to escort a random trader through a large monster infested portion of the world, but I don't know this because there are no level warnings anywhere in the game to keep me from picking up high level missions. Your escortees will automatically start following you around after you take the quest and if they die, they die forever. Can't restart the quest. Reload a previous save file or let it be failed forever~
After going through a largely open plains area my party comes to a forest at night. I decide to go into the forest at night. In this game you can't see jack past your minimal lantern range after the sun goes down. Already you can see my brilliant mind at work, or lack thereof. After a few seconds of walking down the path I somehow notice a dust cloud further on. I investigate the dust cloud. I am getting dumber by the second now. When we get close enough I see that it is a cyclops monster attacking a group of bandits who are attacking a group of wolves. When I get in range, suddenly all enemies are hostile only toward me. After a few seconds of fighting a cursed legion knight shows up. Second life, I decide to go around the cyclops boss monster. I am rewarded by finding an ancient scroll in a treasure box in an alcove in the side of the mountain. Happily I leave the little hideaway and am immediately after found by a chimera. Third life, I decide that the cyclops is easier, and it is! Where the chimera kills me in two seconds the cyclops kills me in two minutes. I survived longer at least. Two more lives later I figure it's better to wait until sunup. Good plan. Bad results. I run into a saurian pack right outside the forest that only spawns during the daytime. Second attempt I win and enter the forest once more. Now I can clearly see why my arrows haven't been hurting the cyclops when I shoot at its eye: it is wearing a helmet. Okay.
Four lives later I defeat the cyclops and all surrounding enemies. Triumphantly I march around the corner then get killed by more bandits with a sorcerer as backup. Things weren't going very well. Kill the cyclops two more times because I keep forgetting to save and I get past the bandits. Round the next corner and there's the chimera that killed me last night. Kill the cyclops three more times, go through six more lives, and I manage to survive the chimera attack. Game saved. Found a group of bandits again and didn't die because the last two bosses and previous enemy encounters gave me enough experience to level up at least four more times. Keep in mind that the trader has no weapons or armor and I still have to keep him alive through every encounter or I reload my game. Climb halfway up the mountain, save again, find another cyclops wielding a club the size of a bus, and get smacked off the mountain to become a cream paste on the floor of the forest I just left. Three deaths later I run past the cyclops only to watch my party members and the trader get knocked off the cliff instead of me. Two more lives, and we're all safe. Game saved. Night is falling again. The first cyclops and the chimera took that long to defeat. We run over the top of the mountain and go down into the swamp before a group of phantasms finds us. None of my party members can use magic, which is the only thing that can hurt them. Reload and take the right path this time. A few skeletons, easily dropped. Save again because I'm more than paranoid at this point. Come up over the hill and walk about 20 feet before a second chimera jumps over the boulders in front of us and turns my group into hamburger patties. After five more lives I go to bed for the day because I've been playing for over seven hours at this point.
Second day of trying to finish this ONE. QUEST. I learn many things about the chimeras this day. Specifically that the lion is resistant to physical attacks and will kill you faster than a hooker goes through birth control pills. The goat head casts magic and thus is resistant to magic, but physical attacks will defeat it very quickly if you can survive long enough to climb onto the chimera's back. The tail snake is the easiest to kill since you attack it until it falls off and there's nothing more to worry about. However, if you kill the goat head first the lion is frenzied and steamrolls over the whole party including the defenseless trader who is closer to the creature than the party members with actual weapons. Our magic attacks are very weak overall. One time I manage to kill the lion before the goat, but the trader got killed when I wasn't paying attention. #&@% you too, game.
Third day. Yes, I spent an entire game playing day trying to kill this chimera when the first one was killed more easily. I assume I have the excess trees and rocks in the forest to thank for this. Two hours in and the creature has almost no health left. The trader dies. *ragequit* Later I come back. Five lives later and the chimera finally dies. The trader is still alive. All my other party members are dead. Screw it, GAME SAVED!!!! Down the valley, into a group of snow harpies, trader dies two more times, pass some goblins, enter the camp, quest complete, save the friggin' game and celebrate eternally.
By the way, the cyclops and chimera are the two weakest bosses in this game. In the vanilla version of this game there are 19 bosses total, and the Bitterblack Isle DLC adds 15 more bosses eternally more difficult than the original game has. And that's how I describe Dragon's Dogma.

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