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DJ Twissta
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so apparently I exceeded the character count on my entry, it's supposed to be 500 characters, mine was like 1300 @_@ so here's the full story! lol

In an attempt to thwart crime and protect citizens in the 22nd century, a collection of thirteen mechs were created by an anonymous company. In the beginning this company would lease the mechs and pilot training to government defense agencies and developing nations. Not everyone could pilot these mechs, as you had to be in the top mental and physical shape to keep up with all of the activity. Many pilots who became overwhelmed blacked out and some even went comatose.These mechs have been able to protect historic sites from devastation, and save thousands of lives from natural disasters and war. However, there were cases of corrupt officials from secret societies that would use these mechs for their own selfish and ludicrous desires. Petitions and pundits demanded to destroy the mechs, blaming the mechs for creating the violence that they were promised to get rid of.

Not long after their release, the mysterious creator of the Mech-013's, sensing that his creations were being taken advantage of, vanished, as did the Mech-013's. Years later there was a report of a collection of thirteen blue mechs helping to save a city from a dam collapse who then quickly disappeared, but there was a letter that remained. "Like the story of the boy and the starfish, we may not be able to save everyone everywhere, but we can still save someone somewhere."

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