="This statue is called the stone bride. Donated to our museum by an anonymous benefactor; there is a unique story behind this piece. There used to be a young girl adored by all, who was the daughter of a wealthy family. On her wedding day her husband to be left her at the alter, having been greedy and stolen her family's wealth. The girl had unknowingly caught the attention of a demon before then, and upon seeing the crying bride, they flew into a rage and destroyed the town. The demon accidentally turned the girl to stone in the process. Having been so angry, the demon had cast magic much more powerful than normal. They didn't know how to break the spell. In the end, the demon destroyed them-self in sorrow. However, there is another ending to this story. They say that the demon is alive and desperately seeks a way to break their spell, coming to the bride night after night."
-that night-
A figure sneaks through the museum, disabling the cameras and knocking out the guards, as every other night. Finding the object they seek they let a smile grace their lips. "I have finally found the spell to free you, my love. We can be together soon."=

The idea behind this avi is that the demon DID find the right spell and the girl is in the middle of turning back (some things are still stone, some aren't). My mini-story says that her actual husband to be left her at the alter and she didn't know about the demon. She doesn't, the demon just fell that hard. 'But Raina! Doesn't that mean the demon did this for a girl who won't return their feelings?' Fear not! I'm a sappy loser, so they do end up happy together.