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Good Morning
Kingdom hearts Oc's
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My Oc's :
Name : Kapo (Hope)
Age : 15
Height: 6'4
Home World : Radiation Garden
Status : Alive
Allies : Saki, Leon, Yuffle, Aerith, Cid, Sora est
Enemy's : The Heartless, Ansem
Weapon's : Dark Skies(Sainte) Key of Night skies(Woe)

Oc story in Kingdom hearts:
When Kapo was 10 he had no experience with life due to being an Orphan because of the invasion of Heartless(KH 1) he lost his parents when his world was sucked in a dark pool of Darkness. He lived in Traverse Town where he met a young girl a year younger than he was; sitting near a broken trash box area. Her name was Saki(Blossom) who only lived with her mother; in Kapo's current situation lost her mother as well to the darkness.
(OC story line)
Sora, Donald and Goofy returns to Traverse Town delivering their fewer letters. When they were given a Hi-Potion item, Kapo steals the item and ran off. With them chasing his tail, Kapo was attacked by a couple of heartless but was protected by Sora and his friends. Sora confronts Kapo and asks him why he steal their item; he explains about Saki's sickness and needs to heal her because of the shop prices, they barely have money to work.
Sora feels sorry and decided to let Kapo take the potion, at the same time introduce Kapo and Saki to the wizard Merlin to teach them how to fight on their own to earn money, and the Fairy God Mother to be their guardian.
Returning to the town, Sora is greeted by Saki who thanks Sora for helping them before, and also tells Sora that whenever he spaces out, she sees a type of ghost trying to talk to him, and he reacts back to the ghost in surprise. It had seemed Saki was able to see a blur image of Kairi when Sora spaces out.
A battle with a couple of Heartless, Kapo and Saki wanted to show Sora how much they have improved fighting, but end up getting injured leaving Kapo a scare under his left eye and Saki over her right. It scares the group but the two showed proud faces.
At the end of KH 1 Kapo and Saki returns to Hollow Bastion with the town people holding hands as they now live there. Kapo tells Saki he likes her very much, but she returns her feelings by telling him 'I like you too Kapo, you're my best friend!' Making Kapo become depress seeing he was liked in a 'Friend zone.'

Kingdom Hearts 2 Story : Sora and his friends return to Hallow Bastion to see Leon on his important message for them to return. They are over run by Nobodies nearly loosing, but suddenly was cured to strength by Saki who was now full grown teenage girl. And Kapo finishes the rest of the Nobodies with a quick slash at their waist.
Sora is amazed by their abilities and asks why he hasn't seen the two since their arrival. Saki tells Sora they've been busy protecting the area where they last discovered a way down to the herd of heartless in a valley, the time Leon had sent the important message. Kapo treats Sora as a kid, as Sora realizes he was suppose to treat them as the youngers due to him being 3 years older then the two; with a funny conversation Donald tells, they have been asleep for some time Sora have obviously haven't matured yet.
At the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, Kapo properly tells his feelings to Saki about how much he loves her since he first met her and would like to eat Cid's special dish on the roof of the house and watch the stars in the sky and city with her. She reacts shocked and happily tells him that she too loves Kapo but didn't know how to express her feelings to him in person.

Bio : 10 years old Kapo is a depressed and sad child because of the Darkness. He has dark black hair that shines in a light gray in lights or day time. He's strong and determine but doesn't think straight once he jumps into situations too soon.(Stealing the potion from Sora,Donald,and Goofy)

15 years old Kapo is a matured teenager with dark black hair, matured face and beautiful sky blue eyes. He's a bit scrawny but well built, the outfit he wears are cooler clothes and blue goggles because he and Saki jumps or gilds over the towns for fun(Saki wears orange goggles). Kapo and Saki build their own weapons of opposite colors of black and white. He acts cool to impress Saki and when he's injured he blushes when the teenage girl is tending his wounds. He acts out too soon to show off in front of Saki.

Abilities : SAO grid :

Attack :
Magic : 40/100
Trinity : 50/100
Summoning : 75/100
One handed Sword: 90/100
Dual Blades : 100/100
Acrobatics : 90/100

BaKanda-Kun Oc's

Name : Saki (Blossom)
Age : 14
Height : 5'4
Home World : Radiation Garden
Status : Alive
Allies: Kapo, Sora, Aerith, Leon, Yuffle, Cid est
Enemies : The Heartless, Ansem
Weapon's : Light Sky's(Sainte) Key of Bright Sky's(Woe)

Oc's Story: Saki was a frighten girl before she met Kapo. her mother abandon her on a full purpose to lead the Heartless away from her. Saki wonders the streets crying for her mother, she was saved by Aerith who than takes her on a gummie ship of the town's people out of Hallow Bastion and to Traverse Town. Saki lost sight of Aerith and wondered Traverse Town alone. She sits by a broken trash box and waits for her mother. Instead of her mother, she is found by Kapo. She easily gotten sick due to starvation and depression. Due to Sora's help, Saki pushes herself to fight along side Kapo to thank him one day for not abandoning her.
When Sora returns, Saki gives both Sora, Donald and Goofy a present containing each Hi-potions. But nervously asks Sora if he believed in Ghosts? Sora replied they were just fantasy stories, but she refuses his answer and tells him about a blur white figure, trying to talk to him.
When heartless attacked suddenly, Saki and Kapo tries to show Sora and their friends how tough they were, she was injured by a heartless and eventually gets a scar on her right eye and Kapo a scar under his left eye. She laughs and asks Donald and Goofy, but Sora the question 'Do you think we're strong too?' as little tears appear at the end of her left eye.
because they were injured, later Kapo feels bad that he let Saki get hurt and himself being distracted of showing off in front of her, he vows he would protect Saki because he likes her.

Kingdom Hearts 2 : Saki matures into a good, caring and strong teenager. She gets away from Heartless in a fast speed of sprint but cannot outrun Nobodies. Saki once had a conversation with a dark figure of a organization, who turns out to be Riku, telling the teenager to tell Sora to go to Twilight Town.
The end of Kingdom Hearts 2 Kapo confesses his feelings to Saki, holding her hand in both his hands and naturally asks her out on a date to watch the stars, and eat Cid's special dish on the roof top. It shocks her at first causing her to blush furiously. But she accepts his feelings and tells him that she too loves Kapo since they were children's.
On their first date together, it becomes a bit weird due to the two being stalked by their superiors(Leon, Yuffle, Cid and Aerith) But their date come out normal as they watched shooting stars and fireworks above the night sky.

Bio: 9 years old Saki was happy at first in Hallow Bastion with beautiful short midnight black hair and fairly paled skin. But than becomes sad and almost turned into a heartless. If it wasn't for Kapo she would eventually turned into a heartless. She trains herself with Merlin in order to become strong like Sora and Kapo, and also takes a part time job helping the Moogles and Cid in the shop, able to afford a few things and the three Hi-Potion for Sora, Donald and Goofy.

14 years old, Saki is a beautiful younger girl with midnight black hair with trimmed bangs and two strands of long hair on each side of her face, she too had beautiful blue eyes. Saki's outfit was hand made by Yuffle and Aerith as though black suited her the most.She is matured, caring and smart but is a bit dense. She is a bit weak but can be very useful when someone is injured or in need of care. Eventually looks up to Aerith very much she makes a very loving figure. She loves Kapo but is too shy to tell him, so she usually acts rude to him because she thinks he will easily find out she likes him.

Abilities ::

Attack : 100/100
Magic : 95/100
Trinity : 41/100
Summoning : 40/100
One handed Sword: 70/100
Dual Blades : 100/100
Acrobatics : 100/100

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