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This is my journal/diary/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-thing. It's for anyone to read because I don't care all that much. It contains a lot of random things and drawings.
I hate Frozen.
[9:32:01 PM] Hope(N Forever): Gawsh! You really should see it soon - it's not Frozen, but still amazing
[9:32:10 PM] Sacnite♗: I didn't really enjoy Frozen.
[9:33:04 PM] Sacnite♗: Both of the sisters are very selfish and ignorant for almost the entire movie. Then at the end it's all okay and like nothing ever happened.
[9:33:21 PM] Sacnite♗: The only part of the movie I liked was the beginning song.

[9:33:29 PM] Hope(N Forever): Umm... selfish and ignorant?
[9:33:35 PM] Sacnite♗: Yes.
[9:33:39 PM] Hope(N Forever): Example, please?
[9:36:50 PM] Sacnite♗: Elsa (sp?) just abandoned her little sister (who she had ignored for years even after their parent's death) to a man that her sister had just met so that she could be 'free' and alone.
[9:36:59 PM] Sacnite♗: An entire kingdom...
[9:37:03 PM] Sacnite♗: To her little sister.
[9:37:11 PM] Sacnite♗: For selfish reasons.
[9:37:58 PM] Sacnite♗: She put no thought into it.
[9:38:02 PM] Sacnite♗: Just rushed off.
[9:38:07 PM] Sacnite♗: wtf.

[9:38:31 PM] Hope(N Forever): I think it was fear that drove her away, and you did notice there were many powerful people in the kingdom at the time who simply were going to go after her just because they didn't understand her powers
[9:39:32 PM] Sacnite♗: But she didn't think about her sister at all. Her sister, who for her entire life, just wanted to be with her and help her. The sister who even tried to help her at the initial shock from the display of power.
[9:41:01 PM] Hope(N Forever): You forgot the reason her parents originally tried to hide away her powers was because she accidentally almost killed her sister when they were just playing as they usually did
[9:41:13 PM] Sacnite♗: No... I didn't forget.
[9:41:39 PM] Sacnite♗: But she no longer feared for her sister's life as much as she did for her own.
[9:41:50 PM] Sacnite♗: She didn't want to be judged.
[9:41:55 PM] Sacnite♗: I understand that, but still.
[9:42:09 PM] Sacnite♗: And the 'Let it Go' song?
[9:43:11 PM] Sacnite♗: Yeah... It's pretty and can be used in the right context to encourage teens to believe in themselves, but it's also encouraging kids to just ditch their families and all responsibilities to blood and run off to do whatever the hell they want.

[9:44:05 PM] Hope(N Forever): Hmm... I never seen it in that angle... I guess I believed the song was innocent enough
[9:44:19 PM] Sacnite♗: I know the other angle because I did it.
[9:44:48 PM] Sacnite♗: I abandoned my family and all responsibilities to do whatever the hell I wanted because I wanted to be me.
[9:45:05 PM] Sacnite♗: That 'me' wasn't what I really wanted, but what the world put into my head.
[9:45:30 PM] Sacnite♗: That's how I got pregnant, dropped out of college, and became homeless because I spent all my money on a guy.

[9:45:41 PM] Hope(N Forever): You were homeless?
[9:45:46 PM] Sacnite♗: For a while...
[9:46:28 PM] Sacnite♗: Because they put the song right after she abandons everything to be 'herself' it encourages kids to do just that.
[9:46:29 PM] Sacnite♗: Now...
[9:47:13 PM] Sacnite♗: If they had positioned it closer to the end when the sisters reunite and save the town, then it would have encouraged them that families are the most important and to be yourself no matter what.
[9:47:20 PM] Sacnite♗: Do you see what I'm saying?
[9:47:26 PM] Sacnite♗: It's from a psychological standpoint.

[9:47:44 PM] Hope(N Forever): Yeah, I'm actually seeing your point
[9:47:54 PM] Sacnite♗: I don't like the movie.
[9:48:08 PM] Sacnite♗: I saw myself and my sister in all of it...
[9:48:10 PM] Sacnite♗: And I hated it.
[9:48:30 PM] Sacnite♗: Except...
[9:48:45 PM] Sacnite♗: Now my sister won't ever forgive me for what I did.
[9:48:59 PM] Sacnite♗: She doesn't trust me and stays away from me no matter what.
[9:49:36 PM] Sacnite♗: I've given the last four years reaching out to her to fix our relationship... To have a relationship with her again and she won't have it.
[9:49:48 PM] Sacnite♗: Life isn't Disney.
[9:49:51 PM] Sacnite♗: It's not possible.

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