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My Unimportant Life
wow i haven't made ajournal entry in a while
i really should make an entry considering so much has happened in my life since the last time i made one. i wonder if that was before Rich heart ? Because everything has been so different since i met him.....well really met him. He's in my french class and i never really noticed him....i never really cared about guys much until Dan. Dan was this kid who went to day care with me when we were really little....i'm not gonna talk much about that cuz you people don't need to know about when i was 3. Anyway....i used to live in the same town as him, but i moved to the next town over in 4th grade. Our towns share the same high school so when i went into freshman year i met him again...he's in my bio class. Anyway....my sister started dating his neighbor and when we went to see Harry Potter 4 Dan was his only ride, so Dan came along. I sat next to Dan in the movie theater and really grew to like him in the 2 and half hour long movie. So, when everyone ate after the movie Dan and i hung out cuz we weren't hungry. He dragged me into lids to buy himself a new hat(he's white and dresses all gangsta(I HATE IT!!! scream )) Anyway.....then he dragged me into Filene's to show me some extremely expensive gangsta jacket he wanted...which was actually pretty stupid looking. So, because of all that torture i dragged him into Hot Topic and he like ran away two seconds after entering the store. Nothing happened that night between us cuz i don't think he knew i liked him. So, a couple weeks later i was with my show choir at a show choir festival. My friend vicki was joking around with my sister and being extremely annoying when we were with Tony, our show choir band's drummer. Of course i was being myself and acting normal and not joking around with them...so Tony developed a crush. During the next week my friend kept telling me that he was going to ask me out. That friend was currently going out with Rich heart . So, i liked Dan and tried to get my friends to get him to ask me out so Tony wouldn't ask me out. But some time went by and the whole Tony thing faded and i was fed up with Dan and Beth, the friend mentioned earlier, broke up with Rich heart . I barely knew him now because he was dating my friend and sat in front of her in French so i had to see him to talk to her. So, when they broke up i kinda got to know him better. The saturday after they broke up i went to the play. He was on stage crew heart (kinda reminds me of my step sister, sorry had to put ya in there alex 4laugh ) Anyway....my sister and i were comforting him over the break up (which i didn't find out until a couple weeks ago that it was because she was afraid to tell him she was bi) and then we stayed after the next wednesday for key club which we ended up skipping and he was for some reason after school and he hung out with us. He was drawing a picture that day...i haven't really seen him draw since then..........hmm **ponder ponder**. So, the next day he asked me out and i keep thinking about how fast that all happened, but there was just this weird connection. So that day, December 8, 2005, we both went to Math Team (that's kinda where i really met him....i'll explain that later) where my math team friends.....who are mostly older than me....learned that we were dating. the next monday was the tryouts for the next school play so we hung out that day after school.....oh yeah i'm leaving a HUGE part of this story out.....I'M NOT ALLOWED TO DATE TIL I'M 16....so, since then we've kinda hung out after school and stuff since then. I really can't imagine life without him....when ever we're apart i miss him and when ever we're together i'm dreading the moment we part because i know i will miss him. And i can't be with him as much as i want to and i can't be there for him and all that crap because i'm not allowed to....i hate it so much. Anyway....so the math team thing....i went trick-or-treating with my friends and some of my friends' friends. One of them was Dave, who is in my sister's physics class. He was dressed as a ninja ninja I formally met him at the first math team meet, which my school was hosting. And there was this creepy blond kid hanging out there too heart who seemed to follow me wherever i went....but i don't really remember it too well....he might have just been following me because Dave was following me. But, Dave made me a list of his favorite bands and gave me his phone number....i wonder where that paper ever went......... well anyway...the creepy bolnd kid......that's Rich heart

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commentCommented on: Wed May 17, 2006 @ 01:10am
K', to put brief, Rich shouldn't know about this! He will get extremely jealous and if he is already going to put a comment, here me out man; ignore the beginning! lol Just think of all the wonderful things she said about you! Well, maybe except for the creepy blonde kid! xd But yeah, if this is your life story, it isn't too bad.

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