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My Life, My Story, My Battle, My Path, My Past, My Journey, My Experiences, and My Heart. ♥
The Wizard of Oz Part 1
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The Wizard of Oz

I got up and yawned as soon as I could hear the birds tweet. I stretched and sat up only to realize today was the day of the test! Pop quiz indeed! I freaked out since my uncle didn't wake me up in time. I went into a frenzy and ran right into the bathroom to do my make-up and hair. I had my long to the floor length red ruby Rapunzel hair in braids like Katniss Everdeen or a milk maid. I was going to let them down in the morning for mermaid curls I found out how to do in a YouTube tutorial video but I really lacked the time. I growled leaving them in. I liked the Wednesday Addams look anyways. I had them tied in 2 black velvet night cast bows. I did some black eyeliner and put on mascara. I put on black eyeshadow and drew bags under my eyes. I put on my Amy Lee Malice in Wonderland dress. I looked in the mirror and my faded pink purple eyes dazzled and sparkled like unicorn tears. They almost looked blue. I powdered on some red blush. I put on black lipstick. I put a skull on my collar and a spiked choker on. I got my black book bag and rushed out the door.
"Wait, princess, wait!" My uncle shouted into the void.
"Nani?" I asked stopping and turning around almost.
"There's a storm!" He shouted.
I was confused.
"Uncle Dracks what?" I asked having problems hearing him as the wind picked up.
"It's a tornado!"
"A what?" I asked.
"A twister, a twister!" Real or not the joke was on him. I had endured storms with my vampire powers before how the Hell was today any different? What's the worst that'll happen? A pervert would look up my skirt? As if! I'd kill them dead and knock their brains out. Pow pow!
"Feh." I said instead of calling his name. I walked off.
He insisted I take my lunch bag(a basket with bento boxes) with sushi and other food and stuff in them. It was black and gothic too. Made of black silk velvet with red and white bows and lace. The ribbons hitting the wind made my cat Sable jump into the back without my knowing.

I saw it forming up with dark clouds and thunder. I looked up at it dramatically as it whirled and swirled. Psychadelic and druggy I think. I just continued to run as fast as I can but it got so loud. On the way to school I saw a gypsy with a trailer. I ran right inside as the storm roared.
I was panting.
"G-gomen. The storm the storm!" I stuttered.
"No. What you really came for was your future." She had a cloak over her, ruby red lipstick, old brown skin, and covered in drapes and jewelry.
"I have no time for this, lady!" I said with some fire in my voice.
"Sit. This fortune is free." She replied.
I quickly sat down and looked at her crystal ball.
She waved her hands around it.
"It's cloudy..." I said lowering my eyebrows.
"It is now because of the storm. Look again." She said forming a smile.
I closed my eyes and looked again.
I gasped.
What I saw was unforgettable. I saw my friends and family get caught in it and the kids at school doing a tornado drill.
I shot back up.
"No, no. Stay. You haven't got your fortune." She said strangely calm.
"I have to go!" I replied mad and ran out.
I had to go look for them and save them!

I came out and saw it was worse than I thought!
A tree got ripped down and thrown into the tornado.
I ran into school. It started to rain. I closed the door shut right behind me.
"Phew!" I sighed wiping my brow.
"More like P U! Smells like wet dog!" A familiar whiny voice said with her hands on her hips.
It was....annette! But not just Annette!
My teacher Mr. Hacker was tapping his foot with hands on his hips giving me a disappointed angry look.
"If I didn't know better I would say you were trying to skip our test, Ms. Atarashi."
I got sad and scared in my eyes.
I was still holding the door to help the storm from exploding in and killing eveone. Only someone with my strength could bear it!
"I'm so-sorry...gomen, sensei." I bowed.
"It must be the weather." I heard lightning strike. Just as I said that I moved from the door. It looked clear out there only to make me look crazy I guess.
"Why if I didn't know better I'd say that was a lie, you insolant child." He said meanly gripping me by the arm and dragging me.
"Waaaait!" I stuck my arms out. "You don't understand! The door!"
I heard the crash again. He didn't believe me and threw me into my chair.
"Fail this test and I'll have to make you stay in highschool forever!" The thunder clashed again as he made an evil smile with his glasses.
"Haha. Stupid b***h." Annette giggled.
I stuck my out at her and gave her the finger knowing I'd punished for this crap because the world was against me.
"That's enough ladies." Another teacher interjected.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the storm from the window as well as that b***h.
"I knew it!" I thought out loud.
"This was my fortune!" I smiled oddly happy and at piece. Knowing the answers.
Annette shot me a glare. "What are you f**king talking about you weirdo?! Is this your goth voodoo magic?" Of course she thought all gothics were Satanists and Wiccans and cults and evil.
The other kids were starting to notice too.
I shouted at them and to the sky hoping the wind would carry my voice.
"Uncle D! Uncle D! It's a twister!" I shooted.
The wind kicked.
The wind broke a window. Everyone finally saw and ducked. I stood up. My Wednesday Addams hair shaken by the whirly wind. I heard screams as the wall got blasted. The school practically exploded. People looked at me like I was crazy. I took a deep breath. Instead of worrying about hiding my royalness and inhumanity as a vampire godess as well as the B.S. test I readied my elemental abilities/powers/skills hoping to save the school.
I closed my eyes and breathed in. I tried to channel my aura. No one saw. I couldn't do enough. The roof and 1/2 the room ripped off. The twister twisted.
I tried to get my eyes to glow. It worked. My eyes even the whites glew a pink lazer color. It built a little fire around me. The aura was orange and yellow light. I made crystal shards form like in Inu-yasha and shatter to bits around me. No one noticed since everything broke the wind.
I held my hands firmly at my sides. Then I brought them up charging my energy. The magical glowing form was summoning my Black Atarashi Clan katana passed down for generations this blade was an heirloom and a lifesaver not the candy though! My hand held the form and the other was making the blade. Even despite my abilities my vision was blurring. I also wanted to make a force field around us. I hoped Vampire Mode could be polite. I winced and grit my fangs. I thinked. I looked down. I did a chant building up my chakra levels. I prayed and loaded my powers.
"Are you CRAZY?! What are YOU doing?!" Annette screamed.
"Trust me." I said in annoyance.
"Holding a knife in a tornado?!"
I growled and stayed firm.
"You could kill us all!!!!!" She shrieked.
"No. I won't." I said about as serious as Chiyo(future daughter) would.
Just as everything was about to work I heard Cameran whisper "I have an idea."
Annette giggled she got up and pushed me knowing the tornado would kill me.
I had the urge myself honestly but I didn't do it. Hell, I was even saving her and everyone else! She not only killed me but the whole class and 1000s of people!
She had a twisted smirk like broken glass.
"Bye, bye, loser!" She cackled. It was the most evil laugh ever like a witch even!
"Glad that b***h is dead." Cameran said blindly following.
I screamed
I flew around in the air. In my last moments in the room I saw everything from people to bikes to houses to cows again and I even swear I saw an image of Annette laughing at my pain and suffering. My stuff and even Sable came out. I got swept in and blacked out.
I swear I was dead.

I hear tweeting and could feel the sunshine on my face or like Mario. My long voluminous lashes fluttered. I slowly open my eyes to no storm and the classroom. I almost smiled and laughed. Maybe it was just a dream after all. Maybe everyone did make it.
That hope quickly shattered as I gazed at the surroundings.
I was slow and stiff getting up still laid down.
"What happened? Where? Whe...re...am......I?" I stuttered. My brain still struggling.
"Why sweet girl this is Oz." A friendly floaty voice said.
"Nani? What's Oz?" I almost said as I felt people come around me. I saw many people were around me. They were all little midgets. They helped me up.
They were in awe at my beauty and pettiness.
My hot lava red hair and my dynamite bod and my sparkler skin and magic and powers and fire in m soul made me like fireworks. Except a peson I think.
The perv a** munchkins looked up m skirt I stood sexily even still.
I knocked and kicked them
"Perverts!" I shouted.
"Where am I? Where are we?" I found myself saying again.
"More importantly where are you from? Are you an angel?" 1 asked.
"What? No I'm a vamp-wait what? Angel?" I asked confused at it all.
"Yes." The little man said and pointed.
I looked down and saw that I was sitting on a corner of the room that fell off and it landed on some lady's body crushing her badly.
I gasped and looked down.
"Oh no..." I said looking back at her.
"Yes, a fallen angel in a sense but not in a negative light." The sweet voice said.
I looked up and saw a fair maiden. She had long curled red hair with no flaw. She had rosy red wine lips and nice eyelashes. She smiled motherly. If anything she was the angel. She had a huge layered purple dress with sparkles. Her teeth were the purest white like her skin. The palest skin like the moon. But I was paler and she had more of a rouge blush. She had sweet purple wine grape juice eyes and a crown to match. A queen. She looked just like my mom. A perfect replica.
"You killed the Wicked Witch of the East." Another munchkin said.
"The Wicked Witch of the...?" I turned stiffly like a wind-up thing.
"She tormented us for centuries. Thank you so much!" Someone said and then the rest cheered.
"You killed an unholy demon! A celebration is in order." The woman said.
They cheered again.
"My name is Ariel the Good. I am a good witch." She said holding her wand.
"I'm...my name's Raven!" I stuttered in awe of it all and her beauty.
"Such a pretty name." She said petting my hair looking at me. "Raven, would you do the honors of joining in on our festivities?"
"Oh. Um, of course!" I answerred a little unsure at first.
I heard meows.
My kitten Sable's head popped out of the bag.
"Pets are allowed." She laughed calmly.
The locals began singing and dancing. I eventually joined in like in Snow White and the 7 Dwarves and twirled around in my skirt. So did Ariel.
"Ding dong the Wicked Witch is dead!" They all cheered and sang and danced.

"Wait!" A shrill mean voice said. It was chilling to the core. She puffed out with smoke.
The woman who arised was barely something you'd even consider to be a woman.
We all stopped in shock silent.
1 voice in the back broke the silence. "The Wicked Witch of the West..."
I gasped. Many backed away. She cornered a lot of the munchkins and even Sable causing her to run away.
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" I yelled at her.
She moved closer to me. She was in my face. I gulped.
"Pick on someone your own size? What an excellent idea!" She laughed all creepy and mean.
As our eyes met I got a good look at her...and then some! She had really unnaturally tan skin. There was no way a human could be born such a color. The only place that mess can come from is a bottle. She had strongly orange flesh and blue eyeshadow that looked like bad birthday cake frosting. Her nose was pointy and she had pink Barbie lipstick on with chola lip liner. She even had chola brows to match and a drawn-on mole like Jersey Shore trash. She smelled just like Aberzombie & b***h perfume. That was even what the smoke was along with the drugs she had clearly been smoking. Her cheeks had clown blush and were hollow. Plastic surgery was probably a part of it.
I was nervous at first but I yelled. "I'm not afraid of you!"
"Well you should be you bitter little tart because when I'm done with you you will have slaughtered pigs worry for you."
I gulped again and she got closer.
I got stiff and quiet. I looked away and down.
She shoved me.
"Ow! Hey!" I wince as she bumps my arm.
"I need those ruby slippers! They're mine!" She said doing grabby hands.
But then they disappeared off the feet and the feet were gone!
"No they're not." Ariel the Good said strongly.
Then they were on mine! It was like magic! They twinkled like rubies in Hollywood.
"No! Curses!" The witch hissed. She was about to fly away.
We gave her a look.
Ariel had a smile on her face.
"I'll get you and your little cat too!" She pointed at me and vanished.
Eveyone came back from hiding. There was a murmur among the crowd.
"Never your mind everyone! For now we have vanquished the beast! All thanks to our shining star Raven!" She gestured at me.
"She defeated the witches. She can do anything!" 1 shouted.
Everyone cheered from then on and returned to dancing. It was a bit like The Labyrinthe. As we drank(nothing alcoholic) and lit the night up I found myself more and more concerned. Where would I go from here?
As if I had asked out loud Ariel came up to me.
"Good witch! Ms. Ariel!" I said surprised.
"Sleep here the night. Those ruby red slippers and munchkins will know where to guide you. And in spirit I always will." She told me in a voice that made me feel a lot calmer. It was like she knew everything.
She took her arm and guided me there. I knew she would be my spirit forever.
I looked over her shoulder and saw a light coming from the woods.

I awoke after me and Sable got some sleep and quickly guided myself out.
MunchKin Land was abuzz but it looked like the community went back to normal.
Ariel said "You want to find the wizard."
"The Wizard?" I asked. My eyes popped.
"They'll tell you where. But for now I must go!" She disappeared in sparkles. She went with a flick of the wrist and waved her wand.
I looked around stressed.
I kept trying to talk to people and tap their shoulders but they were all pretty busy or something.
Then 1 guy gestured for me to come over.

I came up to him.
"How am I supposed to find this "wizard"?" I asked unsurely.
"We all know. It depends on how you ask." He sounded like a mobster or like he was selling drugs.
"How?" I pouted innocently.
"Louder." He smiled.
"Where do I go?" I ask in a normal voice. It did nothing.
"Louder." He repeated.
"Where do I go to?!" I ask louder but they still don't hear.
"Louder!" He said getting annoyed.
"WHERE DO I GO TO MEET THE WIZARD?!!!???!!!" I yelled.
They all stopped.
"Oops." I blushed but then they all gave each other a look.
"Oh no. Oh god..oh kami-sama." I said knowing something was going to happen.
Then I heard it.
A guy said "Follow the yellow brick road."
Then they all said it over and over again like it was programmed into them.
It quickly became a tune and made me think of what it would be like to be in Santa's workshop.
After they said it a couple times.
I was like "Okay okay! I get it."
I saw it leading out of town and that Ariel the Good was pointing her wand there. But like telepathically or something.
"Guys, I'm gonna have to go." I said with a pause.
"Awww!" They all said.
"Don't worry! I'll be back! I promise!" I added a little sad.
They cheered once more. They all waved and so did I.

I took my first step on a yellow brick. I took a breath. I had to remember that all this was to just get home.
"Okay." I said to myself. Dreaming or not I hardly expected any logic. I just do as I am told. I took another breath and began walking down it in these new sparkling red pumps. I saw they had bows and I liked how well it went with my hair and other stuff. It gave me a little spring in my step. Until I heard someone laughing at me. At first I shrugged it off. Everything was crazy. How did I know if it weren't those elves or not? But it got louder and louder. I could not see from where though. I got paranoid and looked over my shoulders and every which way.
"A ha!" I shooted turning around and pointing.
All I saw was a field of crops and crows that flew off anyways.
I saw a scarecrow too. I thought I was going insane and just looked away. Then I heard another laugh.
"Where the F***king H*ll is that coming from?!" I stomped screaming and shouting.
Then I heard another laugh and some steps coming closer. I turned around a lot again. I growled turned back as quickly as possible.
"BOO!" The voice said popping right up from behind me.
I jumped. "Are you insane? Do you even have a brain or think?"
"No." He giggled covering his mouth.
That's when I saw it. He was the scarecrow!
"Well you're certainly doing your job I guess." I said madly continuing forward.
"Wait!" He said.
"What?!" I shouted at him.
"Are you going to The Emerald City?" He asked.
"I could be..." I replied still not giving him a second look.
"Off to meet the wizard?"
"You're not going to make any friends with the way you act." I said coldly looking then turning my nose up and walking away.
"Can I come with you?" He followed. He reminded me a bit of Turnip Head from Howl's Moving Castle.
"Why would you even think I'd want to talk to you right now?" I asked still mad.
"I don't." He fumbled with his fingers.
I felt a bit bad and sighed and stopped to hear him out.
"They say the wizard can fix things that are broken..."
I listened.
"Maybe he can give me a brain."
I stopped and turned around again.
"Do you think it would be okay if I could come along?" He asked sadly. He seemed like a lost puppy.
"Fine." I said looking down.
"Yes!" He said smiling and jumping up.
He ran up real close and linked arms with me. I was going to give him a piece of my mind but know he had known it wouldn't have made a difference. The only way he could make up and properly apologize is if we knew how.
I sighed. I almost asked "What were you thinking?" but at that rate it would be wrong.
I went along with it as we walked down the Yellow Brick Road aways.
"So what're you looking for?" He asked still smiling like an idiot.
"Home. I'm not from around here." I answerred.
"That would explain a lot." He replied.
I shot him a look. As if he were ever one to talk.
"If it helps...I don't have a home either." He forced out. Kind of sad like.
"But you had that field and that farmhouse!"
"Abandoned." He flatly said.
Now I was the stupid one. I felt so sad and bad.
"It's okay. I've always been alone. You're actually pretty much my best friend." I slowly smiled as he said that. He weirdly wormed his way into my heart because he was so honest. I couldn't tell whether to cry or laugh. I just smiled. He smiled back at me. He looked just like my best friend Youkai.
"The name's Youkai." He said to me.
"I'm Raven."
"We're like opposites." He snickered.
"Yeah." He did scare some birds away after all as well as me.
"I'm called "Youkai" because I'm spooky!" He pointed to himself obvious talking about ghosts.
I nodded. "Do tell."
"Like a ghost!" As if he ever needed to add that.
"Uh huh." I yawned grumbling but nowhere near as mad or hurt as before.
He just rambled about nothing but his jokes and stuff were pretty funny and endearing.
The more we talked the more I was sure he was no different than my Youkai. Just a different creature. He had golden owl eyes and well swept dreamy boyband emo hair. He was made from black and white cloth. He was a lot like Jack Skellington. He had bags drawn under his eyes to make him look scary and stuff. He had stitches all over him like Frankie Stein from Monster High if not the original himself. He had stitches on his mouth. He stood tall but his head was literally empty.

After a while of talking through laughing I asked "Do you know where to stop?"
"Huh?" He asked.
"Like are you getting tired out yet?" I asked breathing heavily and panting.
"I never get tired. I just sleep for fun." He smiled.
"Well I've been in heels all day....." I groaned.
"Oh. Good!" He said with a pause smiling.
"No. I'm..." I started and sighed. "I'm tired."
I held my knees. I bent over. I nearly choked. He came up behind me and tore off 1 of his cloths to wipe my forehead.
I took it.
"Arigato." I bowed as I thanked him.
I sat down.
I laid my basket on the grass.
"That looks like a good place to sit." The silly scarecrow asked plopping himself down and laying back immediately almost sitting on my face.
"Chill!" I said pushing him off.
He fell and sat somewhere else.
"Good place for a picnic!" He stumbled and pointed at my bento box.
"Oh no!" I panicked.
It all spoiled since I didn't eat it yesterday.
"Great." I sighed as I sat down. I was utterly exhausted.
Sable came out nibbling on some of it.
"No, baby, no!" I almost cried but I couldn't stop her. She was probably fine since she's a cat but even so it was still f*cking gross.
"So we have nothing to eat then?" Youkai asked shrugging. He looked like he was thinking about eating it though.
"I guess not unless you want to get sick." I sounded like a mom.
"How sick?" He said picking up one of the boxes.
"Sick enough to die maybe!" I yelled at him.
"Chill..." He said putting the garbage boxes down.
I sighed again. I was about to cry. If I had just stayed in "MunchKin Wherever" I probably would have at least had something to eat.
"Wait! I see something over there!" He pointed.
I gave him a look and checked. I knew there wasn't food over there.
I saw and there actually was.

We scrambled to our feet and ran over. They were trees with apples.
"Apples, apples, apples!" I cheerfully dashed over.
He came right after. We each took a handful of the bright red beautiful fruit.
I took a bite sinking my teeth in I heard a crash. As I had a foodgasm I gasped. An apple was thrown and something hit me.
"Ow!" I whined touching where my head had been hit. It was probably bruised.
Youkai ducked as branches moved and tried to trip him over. He had .lbs of food and he fell and dropped them all then went over to protect me and help me run away but at the same time in awe.
I screamed and yelled and gasped.
"Hey wise guy you think that's funny!" I heard.
"Yeah, you think that's funny?" Another voice said.
We both saw that they had faces and could talk kind of like Ents.
"You can talk?!" I gasped though I really should not have been surprised.
"You can talk? You can talk? Of course I can talk! Can YOU talk?" The angry oak said with poison. He made a mean face.
"Gomen. I'm sorry. I just didn't realize..." I began to say. I stuttered all over the place and walked back even as I bowed to beg forgiveness.
Then a branch flew itself at me. Youkai guarded me like a guard dog and we dodged it like ninjas. They threw a bunch of apples at us like bombs.
"You want to take a piece from us? FINE! TAKE A PIECE!" It yelled pelting us with more.
I cried as we ran away.
"You want a piece of me? You want a piece of me?" The tree gestured to himself.
"How about I take a bite out of you, A**hole!" 1 of them said.

We just ran until they were no longer a threat.
They were obviously mad we ate their apples. I guess in its own form of nonsense it makes sense. We ran and were paranoid they would still hurdle crap at us.

I felt so exhausted. I fell on the ground and sat down.
"Phew! That was a close one!" I said clutching my heart.
"No kidding! I swear I got a stitch out of place!" He adjusted himself.
"Thank you...arigato for helping me out back there." I started to catch my breath.
"It helps to not be alive, feel pain, breathe, think..." Youkai rambled again. For a free thinker in the sense of being free from thinking he sure had a lot to say.
"Oi...m..." We heard.
We jolted and looked around.
"Oi...me..." The voice persisted.
We stood up and got on our guard. Who knew what would attack next!
We turned around and right next to us we saw a pair of legs and feet.
I screamed worrying something was going to get me but then we actually looked at him.
"Oil...me..." The stiff person mumbled.
"What's he saying?" Youkai asked surprised.
"I don't know...wait! I think he said oil him!" I gasped and we scattered around looking for an oil can but it was no use!
All of the sudden his chest opened and it fell right out. I put it on all of his corners and stuff.
I could not help but notice for a suit of armor he was pretty handsome. He looked just like a man. Like a Vocaloid like Kaito. But not just an man. My man. My crush.
"What are these feelings coming over me?" I thought and blushed.
He wobbled and shook as he struggled to walk. It made me think of Jack Sparrow. He was as handsome as Johnny Depp was for sure! He was stiff and struggling at first but we held him and caught him up especially me. He fell leaning on me. I blushed because I didn't know what to do. I was practically hugging him. I was all shy and junk.
"I'll leave you 2 alone..." Youkai said walking away with pride.
"You can't just leave me alone with-" I started to say but quickly turned at him.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Gomenasai."
He stood up.
"No. If anything I should thank you. I nearly went to rust."
"That's good." I smiled and nodded.
"So thanks to you and your hairy boyfriend."
"My FRIEND." I asserted getting embarassed again.
Youkai just stuck his tongue at him and flipped him off.
"Oh. Should I apologize?" The robot said nicely. He was serious too.
"No. He's just sensitive. He's all act no think!" I joked awkwardly forcing a laugh.
He did too if not out of discomfort. We still stood very close. I took a step back for space.
"Well...my name is Kira." The shy guy said handing me his robot hand.
I took it.
"I'm Raven." I accidentally took off his arm.
"Oh my god dammit I'm sorry!" I bowed and said quickly trying to put it back on.
"It's fine. I need the stretch." He put it on. It made me think of action figures and steam punk.
He looked so much like my highschool crush Kira. While steel he had the same face and was mostly human. He was a bit like a BJD like that. He had these iron grey eyes which while serious were very warm, soft, nice, friendly, and inviting. He had a blue emo fringe and his lips were painted black. He was tall and thin but I can't tell if he's taller than the scarecrow or not. He had bolts and kind of a long face that looked like piercings.
I laughed a little.
"So where are you headed off to?" He asked.
I just tried not to stare.
"Off to see the wizard!" Youkai shouted.
"We're off to see the wizard..." I repeated with some shyness.
"To the city?"
"Mmmhmmm." Youkai nodded with a dopey empty-headed smile.
"What are you after?"
"Well..." Youkai said in a dumb voice. "I need a brain."
To which he nodded.
"And I need to go back home." I was a little sad remembering.
"Is there any chance I could come with?" He asked following us.
"Well..." I looked down and at scarecrow. I already let his a** ride along after all. I wasn't so sure though.
"What if you broke?" Youkai asked flat out. It was the bluntest thing ever.
I facepalmed and pulled a book from my bag and hit him with it.
"Ow!" He rubbed his arm.
"I thought you didn't feel things!" I was in a frenzy at that point.
"That hurt me...but...like emotionally." I hit him again. I had to shut him up.
"Hm...that would be so wonderful wouldn't it?" Kiratron asked. It was confusing and weird.
"What would be?" I asked almost gasping.
"Feeling." He said resting a hand on his empty chest cavity.
"How?" We asked.
"A metronome of love and feeling." We started to get a hint but were still a bit confused. "I want love. I want a heart. I know I probably don't need that upgrade to function but the computer inside me tells me such great stories about love, friends, happiness...it all just seems like a dream away."
We stayed quiet because it was so deep.
"Could the wizard maybe install me a heart?"
"Well if it can a brain then why not? We don't know until we find out!" I answerred with determination.
"Let's!" We all say together and link arms. I get briefly flushed when Kira joined in. His skin felt so real after all. A real boy. Like Pinnochio would want to be!
We skipped down this road near a house then BOOM!!!!!
The Wicked Witch of The West showed up in smoke again. She did her signature laugh like when she threw me into the tornado. I flinched. I had PTSD from it.
We stopped and gasped.
"It's all too late Dorothy Gale! Hehe!"
"My name is Raven and I just want to go home." I replied kind of tired and angry.
We looked at her.
"And you won't have your dreams come true! I'll take the shoes! I'll get you and your cat too and cook it up in carrot stew!" She rhymed. It was a little 'Bubble bubble toil and trouble'. Or bad rap music.
I just held Sable close as the witch laughed.
Then she disappeared.
I sighed and fell sitting down. I pouted cutely. My rosy pink red sakura petal lips looking fuller. Lips that Kylie Jenner would kill her whole family for.
I fell to my knees.
"Raven don't be so sad!" They said.
Kira went down on 1 knee like he was proposing and Youkai had a hand on my shoulder.
I started to cry. I choked and gasped on my sobs. My eyes raining the clear snow sadness.
"Hey, it's okay." Kira the robot said with Youkai nodding.
"She's wrong. She's wrong in every way! You have already made it this far. That's something." He was polite and had a point but I was too down.
"She also killed the Wicked Witch of The East." Youkai said quiet.
Kira gasped.
"See? You can do about anything if you try!" He smiled lowering his eyebrows.
I kind of looked away. I was mad too.
"Please..." He whispered in my ear while running his hand through my hair.
It was a surprisingly gentle touch for metal.
I got up. Youkai lit up and we linked arms again.
I remembered what Ariel the Good told me. Even a person without a real heart or without a brain were 500% with me. I sighed gently as we got back on it.

"Remember, Raven...I have no heart but I feel for you. Even without a heart I still believe in you. You've saved my life after all." He said as we began that walk.
"We're off to see the wizard..." I was sad at first but picked up.
"We're off to see the wizard!" The boys said and I followed.
"We're off to see the wizard!"
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!" We sang together. I skipped in my little red heels. I would be damned if that b***h of a witch got a hold of these babies. We also put my stuff inside Kira including Sable. She nestled on the blanket like it was a bed.
We continued singing and skipping some more.

As we went down things got kind of...dark. It was starting to lead into the forest. I breathed heavily and gasped building up courage. Kira squeezed my hand. I looked forward and back.
"Don't worry whatever jumps at us I'll scare it away for you!" Youkai reassured.
I tried to believe him.
"Don't worry the both of us can be shields. If we get pulled apart it means nothing." Kira tried to ease things and put his hand on my shoulder.
"No. Yes it does!" I say mad and sad and turn away.
"You have to try." Kira said in that sweet voice. It also reminded me of Ariel and stuff.
"No. I can't! I just...can't!" I turned around very sad. I cried.
"You have to! You need to get home with your family and friends." Kira said.
"He's right. This is the only way you're ever going to go home." Youkai agreed. His voice was getting sad too.
"I just...I can't." I fell to my knees again.
"You can. I promise I'll protect you. I know it's programmed in there. Something inside is telling me that it is." He practically confessed to loving me and those sympathetic stone eyes looked into mine. They were so dreamy. A strand of his beautiful blue hair fell from his face. I gently brushed it back to the side. Our faces were so close and our bodies were nearly touching. I blushed faintly and smiled. Kira smiled back. Steam came out of his ears and it shrieked. His cheeks seemed red. I was worried I overloaded him emotionally or something! It woke Sable up and she nearly freaked out. Youkai quickly ran up ripping off another cloth fanning it.
It quickly went out before it could start a fire.
"I'm sorry. Without the chip...the heart...I can't handle this stimulation." He was polite and even fanned himself.
"Well for a man without a heart you have more heart than anyone I could ever have known." I looked into his slate concrete graying eyes. My purple/pink crystal balls reflected against his. There was even a reflection of me there. That's when I knew that was all he ever cared for in the world.
I moved up close and almost kissed him holding his face.
Youkai was already way ahead of us and we weren't in the forest at all.
We decided to catch up. I ran over.
"Remember if you can't run I'll carry you." The robot said grabbing my shoulder from behind. I nodded quickly like a little kid.

We took slow small steps. We had to be on guard again. We somewhat crouched constantly looking over our shoulders. As we got in there were more and more trees. Almost too many for people to walk in between. It was a maze designed to get people lost. No one in the world could have ever come out through the end. I felt and saw shadows and heard sounds. I doubletaked.
"You know what could be in here..." Youkai started to say with his voice creaking. I almost thought it was Kira's pipe.
"No..." I said mad and scared I knew what he was going to do.
"Demons...ghosts...monsters..." He said doing "spooky" hand motions.
"Stop that! You're trying to freak out!" I said slapping him.
He only laughed as a response.
"Such things would make no sense to exist." Kira said robotically. I could really say anything could make sense at this rate.
"Then what?" Youkai asked with an evil grin. He looked like a Jack-O-Lantern especially in the dark. Jack Skellington and The Headless Horseman in the face.
"Wood land creatures."
"Pfft. Huh. Like Bambi?" I asked.
"Not quite." Kira replied scanning the area as his eyes lit up.
"What about the scary creatures that could be in here?" Youkai asked for fuel to the fire.
"Possibly..." Kira began to say.
"Oh no! Ugh!" I started to get furious and mad.
"Lions, tigers, and bears." Kira said like he literally printed all those words out.
"Hahaha...lions, tigers, and bears!" Youkai was ready to play trickster.
"Stop it!" I moaned hitting him again.
"Lions, tigers, and bears..." He continued.
"Lions, tigers, and bears..." I repeated starting to get scared already. I was so ready to scream.
"Lions, tigers, and bears?" Kira said sheepishly.
"Oh my." Youkai added with a laugh.
"Lions, tigers, and bears..." I flat out said but then my teeth chattered.
"Lions, tigers, and bears." Kira joined trying to hold my shoulders and move up close with me but he was getting a little scared too.
"Oh my..." I replied. I could nearly hear myself cry.
"Lions, tigers, and bears!" Youkai said with more vigor.
"Lions, tigers, and bears."
"Oh my!" I gasped as it went on and on building up heavier and heavier. My hand was on my heart and I could not see a thing!
Then Youkai popped right out and screamed.
I screamed back.
"That is not funny!" I said with tears in my eyes. I choked on gasps and squeaks.

We all started moving closer together as there were less lights and more trees. Youkai was even starting to get on edge himself. We all had the shakes. We could not decide if it were a jungle or a rainforest.
Kira clutched my hand as we linked arms again. We huddled close. We looked around gazing at how the sky was disappearing right in front of our very eyes! Leaves and canopies above us.
We walked slow and creeping with caution. I couldn't stop looking over my shoulders.
We heard a noise in the brush. It was scampering. My vampire senses tingling. I turn and jump around.
"What was that?" I jolted.
I heard the noise again.
I looked and saw in the distance these shining rubies of light. They were red. The were big like dinnerplates and the shiniest thing ever! That is when I KNEW it was a cat. But not just any cat. A big cat. A wild cat. The sounds were fast and in all directions like a cheetah on crack.
The noise quickly wakes up Sable and spooks her like a horse and she ran away and got lost.
"Oh no! Not Sable! Mommy's coming for you!" I moan sadly crying.
I ran and got stopped.
I turn and see the beast move up behind me and darted around so no one could see her. It was a cheap movie and just plain playing dirty!
I quickly turn again as I heard Sable meowing. Whatever that thing was it was chasing her!
The boys were still nervous and huddled together but broke it to fix the moment at hand. It was way more important than any of us getting scared.
I ducked and as she dove at me the boys shielded me. I did a back flip and caught her like a fish.
I yelled as she messed with Sable. "Pick on someone your own size!"
She scratched me and flew back like a ninja. She did a flip too.
She hid in the shadows.
"All bark and no bite?" Kira asked.
"Yeah! Come out ou big p***y!" Youkai boasted adding.
She just hid in a bush and shaked. It sounded like sobbing.
"Wait..." I paused holding a hand up. A moment was about to happen.
The squeaks and wails and cooing got louder and louder. It was like a broken pipe spraying and bursting full of holes. But it was not loud. I heard no proud cry of the lion just sounds like a kitten would make. None of us were badly hurt.
As I walk up to her I say "Guys she's just scared."
I move the bush to see her. It was a blue-haired lolicon type girl with nerdy glasses. She was in an ecchi cat outfit and ears and tail matching like Ariana Grande
I put a hand on her shoulder. It turned out that she was flinching. She had shakes too.
"Hey..." I started.
She only sniffled and it was moe.
"It's okay..." I said nicely.
The boys raised their eyebrows.
"Hai. My name is raven." I said slowly.
"Mine is Kiku...please forgive me..." She was still shaking.
"I will. See guys?" I look at them. "Harmless."
I pet her and she purs and so do the guys and she and Sable snuggle.
"AWW!" said in unison.
"Where you headed?" She thinks out loud.
"We're off to see the wizard!" We say together.
She smiles and tags along with us joining.

We walk out of the butt end of the forest. I swear on my mother's future grave that we almost got lost without Kiku-lion-san's help! She was like a senpai. She showed us a map.
"See there's an overpass here and if we go left we can go home!" She explained. I noticed youkai making googly eyes at her. I rolled my eyes as we left.
"Hey, um, hey do you have a boyfriend?" He asked not even thinking again.
"Um...well...no. Too scared." She twiddled her fingers.
"Wonderful!" He boasted loudly. His arms went up. It scaed a bunch of crows and other wild life away.
Kiku bolted and darted away into a bush.
"Smooth." I said folding my arms.
We went to get her. She popped out still shaking.
"Wonderful? What do you wonderful?" She said my thoughts out loud.
"I mean, I...that you..." He stuttered blushing his face off. I almost thought it was red corn in his ears at first seeing as he's a dummy and all.
"Smooth move, strawman." Kira said as he facepalmed.
Kiku was all uncomfortable, scared, and embarassed now. We gave him a look as I fold my arms tapping my foot like a mom.
He wiggled his thumbs looked down embarassed and shy too.
"Let's just keep going." I said as we walked again.
That was when we left.

We went down the trail.
We can even SEE The Emerald City! I squee'd. Where the road stopped was this HUGE gigantic field of flowers! This was kid's stuff! Easy I thought. I ran down in. The gang quickly followed. I felt normal and enjoyed the sweet smell as it reminded me of the sakura cherry blossoms in Japan as well as roses and ichigo mochi. It was even pink like it too! Now normally I think pink is gross and cheap and unoriginal and too girly but there are exceptions to every rule. For me like sometimes Sanrio and Hello Kitty, candies, Japanese food, and hot pink like skaters wear and Avril Lavigne and Hot Topic. I pick 1 blossom up and smell the sh*t out of it! (Don't be literal you'll puke!)
"Wait Raven!" Shouted The Tin Man holding his arm out.
I started to get a little hazed and dizzy. They all an after me to stop me since they smelled it too. It was starting to make us all sick. Mostly me. I was so sick like my fave Flyleaf song. I felt like I was on dugs. I saw spots and figures and pink elephants.
"No! Don't give up!" I shouted crying at them.
Their legs seem to break and they fall. We all nearly died to death!
I cried my eyes out. Even Sable was sleeping and I knew if we slept long enough I would die! We all pleaded the same things to one another but it was too late!
"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" We dramatically scream. Kira holding me in jis arms.
Then somehow I got super human strength and got up drudging the flowers.
I dragged them then they copied me. They got inspired with my each step looking up at me.
"Remember guys?" I wince.
"We're off to see the wizard..." They sad but only at first.
"A heart." Kira said.
"A brain." youkai said.
"Courage." Kiku said and Sable just meowed.
We stood up and went back on our way.
"No! Nooooo! Curses!" Annette The Wicked Witch said. She saw us thru her crystal ball.
"Make the poppies work my minions!"
Suddenly a plane cropdusted us with the fumes. We coughed and choked on the smoke. We nearly stopped yet we didn't.
I looked up and saw why! Ariel the Good in spirit talked to me.
"Keep going you're doing great!" She said as she waved her wand. The good magic restored our ability to believe. She used her powers to blow the smoke away as Kira's fan he had installed in his hardrive.

Our feet finally reached the yellow brick road. It felt good against my feet and I sighed with a smile. We saw a big, big building that was green and shiny!
We headed right to the front door.
I knocked on it gently and nothing happened. So youkai slapped and pounded on it.
"Hey assholes! Open up!" He screamed.
We jumped back as a tiny window opened.
"What's the password?" The guy asked.
We looked at one another and down.
I fidgetted. "We don't know."
"Then you don't pass! Haha!" He yelled and laughed meanly shutting the door slamming it.
I look down and my lip trembles.
I started to cry.
"All this?! For nothing?" I sob with tears down my face like dew drops. I was mad, sad, and tired. All my friends came over to me.
"It's O.K., Raven" Kiku said petting me.
"No it's not!" I insist back crying more and louder so did they.
The man overheard and peeked out. He started crying too.
"I can't stand to see such a pretty girl cry...you're free to go in." He opened the door. He had a horse and cart.
"Where to, little lady?" He asked through his mustache. He took my hand, kissed it, and pulled me up onto the carrage.
"The wizard, sir." I said with big innocent eyes.
"Hop on! But first..." He began.
"...yes?" Kiku descended.
I gulped and gasped holding my lip.
"You need a make-over, giiiiiirrrrllllll~" He said all sassy.
I gasp smiled so everyone else. He was obviously kind of gay. We all looked at each other weirded out at first but quickly excited!

Some time later...

The salon wasn't even a minute away! I could barely wait! Just like any girl!
People were singing "Merry old Land of Oz!"
We went to the Wash & Brush Up Co. Salon.
The ladies there curled my hair. They let it down and put a bow on my head. It was nice. It looked like long ringlets of budding roses and flowers. It almost gave me an ombre look to it. It was from red to bright red. The sparkles in my hair went from stars to galaxies. It looked like powdered sugar made of glitter and beams and lasers. They matted my make-up adding more red and amber hue on my make-up and countered me till I looked anorexic as The Corpse Bride. They even maked my hair longer by combing it so much! Kira got polished and a suit and stunning paint job. They gave him BOTDF eyeliner and stuff like that. Kiku got her curls flattened they also gave her a bow but it was lolita. They gave her an Alice in Wonderland coord in powdered blue. She got mascara, gyaru make-up, and blush. Youkai's stringy emo flap got combed too and they drew him a better face. Sable got combed and fed some salmon. We came out as shiny as a carwash.

I went outside and there was a commotion!
We looked out into the clouds where the crowd pointed.
In smoke from her broom and drugs it said "SURRENDER RAVEN"
"Oh no she's followed us here!" Kiku said cause she's smart.
There was screaming all over. People ran and scattered. We gasped collectively. Off guard since we got promised safety. She poofed into a column of smoke.
"Oh no what do we do?!" I shouted with surpise.
"Raven? Who's Raven?" An old lady asked.
"I am!" I said stopping the crowd.
"What does she want?" Another asked.
We looked around nervous and standing there like got caught with the cookie jar.
"We better hurry if we wanna see the wizard." Youkai nudged my shoulder.
That's when we ran.
The crowd jumped and lunged at the gatekeeper thingy guy.
"Hold on! Hold on!" He said standing up. "It's alright everything's alright! I'll call The Wizard at once! He has all this in hand! Calm down! GTFO and go home! Everything is fine!"
He shooed them away like puppy dogs.
We walked over to him with courage and confronted him.
"Onegai(please) sir we want to see The Wizard." I begged to him with my best puppy dog eyes.
"But nobody can see The Oz! Never!" He said with excess spite.
"But please it's very important!" Kiku said raising her voice for a change.
"NOT NOBODY EVER!!!!!!!" He screamed throwing us back.
Sable and Kiku had to hide behind us.
"But she is Raven!" Kira stood in front of ALL of us.
"Like The Witch's?" He twitched.
I nodded and Youkai twitched so angry.
"Alright listen up, ******** face! He's an important part of this situation! He shouldn't have needed to say for you to listen to us."
The man paused about to pee his pants.
He paused. "How about you shut your mouth?"
"How about you go get a brain?" Youkai asked him. That said a LOT coming from him.
"Daaaang" Kira said so did I. He gasped.
We all looked at each other.
"Listen here you big ball of strings!" The man started.
I thought Youkai would roll up his sleeves but instead he elbowed Kiku to pop her claws out.
"Well, I, uh..." The man fiddled looking back and forth.
"She's The Chosen One." Kiku whimpered with a tear with Youkai holding her up.
"Well that changes everything! I'll see what I can do!" He sweats and runs like a baby. At least now he'd fetch The Wizard.
"I will announce you at once!" He bowed.
We look at each other again.
"Hey, guys! You hear that! He'll announce us at once!" Youkai shouted dumbfounded with pride.
We rolled our eyes at him.
"But seriously though..." He said sad but still happy. "I may as well have my diploma!"
Kira held my hand squeezing it tight and romantic. "I can feel my heart beating!"
I blushed profusely like chili peppers on crack.
"And I can already feel the nerves loosening!" Kiku jumped up smiling cutely.
"I can another little something too..." Youkai said winking at Kiku. She blushed like fire.
With confidence rising Kiku said "When you get your brain I wouldn't mind having a smart man."
Her smile mug with a blush on her little kitty nose. Youkai returned the favor with a smile.
Kira and I went "Awww!" and giggled.

We waited a while. It was like waiting in a line like at the DMV.
The man from before screams at us bursting out of a wall like a horror movie.
"The Wizard says go away and you're no wanted here!
"But, but..." I said sadly.
He slams the door at our face nearly killing us as if to say that is that.
We looked at one another.
"Go away?" We pouted.
"It was all worth nothing..." Youkai said getting emo sitting on the stairs.
"But I was so happy." I cried sitting down too.
They all came to comfort me.
"I thought I could go home..." I moped looking down.
"Don't cry, Raven." Kira said putting a hand on my shoulder.
The guy was listening and crying too.
"I'll never find my way back...never ever..." I wiped my teary eyes with a cloth in my bag.
"Please don't cry anymore." The man begged. "I'll get you to The Wizard somehow."
We turned around and stopped.
"I had a family once." He whined opening up the door.
We got up and walked in.
We linked our arms in fear keeping the tune we all knew in our heads for now.
It was a big green hall and it was kind of scary. It was a long dark mirror hall.
"Wait a minute!" Kiku squeaked. "I don't know I can do this..." She almost ran but held her.
We were all shaking so it just wasn't the time.
"Kiku hold on." I said firm like.
She held her poofy tail. "But I'm scared I don't know if I want to see The Wizard this much..." She cried again.
"Did someone steal her tail?" Youkai asked.
She jumped looking around.
"Just kidding!" He said laughing using humor to hide his fear.
"That's not funny" I said elbowing him in the rib.
"Come in here." The Wizard said so we did.

The doors opened and so did we.
We look around the place walking in slowly scared as Hell. I saw a smoke machine and a throne. It shot fire and Kiku screamed. I just looked angry and determined walking forward.
A big green head that looked like Megamind and James Franco popped up.
"I am The Great and Powerful Oz." It said with thunder.
"I am Oz."
"We heard you this first time. What is your deal?" I asked hands on my shapely hips.
"Who are YOU?!" He asked loud screaming.
The guys hid back and pushed me forward.
"I asked first. My name is Raven!" I shouted at him.
"And what is your quest?"
"We've come to ask-" I stated shyly.
"SILENCE!!!!!!!!" He yelled.
I ran back to my squad hiding in them.
"The Great and Powerful Oz knows why you have come." He said like a know-it-all.
"Step forward." He demanded.
I push Kira over to him and he approaches the menacing thing.
"You want a heart you useless tin?" He asked him bluntly.
"Um..." Kira stuttered. "Yes. You see were adventuring and-"
"SILENCE!!!!!!!!!" It shouted again scaring him off.
"And you scarecrow you asking for a brain?" He stared daggers into him accompanied by the flames of Hell.
"Yes, your honor." He said on his knees.
"ENOUGH!!!!!!" He yelled sending him flying.
"And you p***y..."
Kiku yelped looking for an exit. We threw her to him.
"Well?" He said meanly like he was on his period.
She fainted and Youkai caught her.
"You should be ashamed of yourself! Making him faint when he only came for help!" I shouted at him through tears.
"SILENCE YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!" Mr. T could never be scarier.
"I will grant all your wishes!"
We smiled.
"For real?!" I jump up and ask.
"Yes but you must prove yourself worthy by doing this 1 task!"
"Which is?" I leaned in.
"The Witch. I want her broom." He insisted.
"H-how do we do that?" Kiku's lip trembled.
"Do we have to kill her then?" Kira asked more scared than ever!
"You must go!" He shouts.
"But what if she kills us worse?" Kiku calculated wanting a reason for everything as the smart one.
"JUST DO IT!!!!" He erupted so we screamed and ran outside. Kiku bolting the fastest.

Catching my breath I said "Phew! That was a close one!"
"How we even get it?" Youkai asked me.
I saw a sign.
"Look!" I pointed.
It said "Wicked Ritch Castle in 1 mile"
I groaned at that pun.
"More like b***h." I thought. Youkai agreed,
We walked into the dark scary woods. I heard ghost sounds and gasped. It all looked dead. A lot worse than the woods before! It was Hell and Hitler combined! It was like a creepypasta or horror movie come to life!
The Wicked Witch more than knew we were coming. She came at us in a way.
Sent out the guards she bought with he daddy's money. She went back to her snake lair and her monkeys fanboys and fangirls and bimbos. We ducked for trouble!

They flew in and whipped Sable right out of my basket!
"Hey!" I shouted.
"That's not fair!" I moaned. Same with Kiku and Kira.
"Who said I'd play fair?" Annette smiled and laughed loads.
Youkai flicked her off and threw hay at her.
Kiku the Lion holds his shoulders.
"Stop. We can't get her for now."
He twitched.
"Yes. For now we have to get the broom and hopefully get Sable back!" Kira said.
I gave him a look all sad.
"Hopefully?" I pouted. I couldn't tell if I was mad or sad because I kind of like liked him.
"I mean what if we logically can't?" He stuttered thinking numbers and not feelings.
I sobbed a little bit.
"Wow. That was cold. You really DO need a heart!" Youkai said folding his arms.
He gasped all shy.
"Guys! Guys!" I shouted over.
"Hold it!" Kiku shouted louder than ever!
We turned and gasped at her.
"I can tell you one thing that's not courage..." Youkai said without a brain.
Kiku sinked in with the smallest frown in the whole universe.
"She's right! We need to get the broom for The Wizard because if anyone can bring her back and take me back home it's him! He even said so!" I monologued. It started a slow clap that got bigger and bigger and we cheered. It took some tears away but we obviously needed more than what we were gonna wish for but we had to be heroes and civil. For Sable and the good of humanity!
We looked at the castle all nervous and see and hear guards chanting.

Then the minions flew and knocked everyone more down than down's syndrome and dominos. We fell over and guarded and covered our eyes and screamed. They stole my basket and scattered all the clothes and food and downright ripped Youkai in 1/2! They clawed at my eyes trying to blind me. I screamed like in a horror movie. They knocked Kira's tincan body over and caused him to malfunction and break. They picked up and dropped us and threw Kiku into a rose bush covered in thorns! Every rose has its thorn.
I nearly bled to death as they scratched me like wrist cuts and wires. Youkai was nothing but cloth and grass and Kira was rust. Kiku was impaled and I was nearly blind!
"STOOOOPPPPP!!!" I shouted which made them pause.
Then they immediately kidnap me too!
"Nooo!!!!" I shout dramatically.
"Raven!!!" Kira shouts my name extending a hand out crying.

"Alright, alright!" Annette shouted in a howly voice. She sounded like she smoked 6 packs of smokes everyday.
Her goons bound me up in bondage holding me in place.
"Grrr!" I growled.
"Oh, kitten got claws?" Annette as if she were ever one to talk.
I spit on her face.
"Men! Hold her up!" She snapped as they tied me more.
"I can still fight!" I moaned at her.
She snaps her bad long pointy french tipped nails and then they put duct tape on my mouth as Annette hovered my ruby red shoes. She was about to grab them and she looked like a pervert. I groaned and growled moving a little.
I muffled.
Then suddenly....the shoes shoot lightning at her and nearly burned her hands off!
She hissed.
Ariel the Good's spirit came by like a memory in a bubble.
"Unless Raven is dead these ruby red slippers are bound to her. You can only get them if she so chooses when she is dead!"
Annette growled like a junk yard dog. She was a b***h though. Just saying!
"I have an idea!" Her best friend Cameran said.
"You read my mind." Smirked Annette beastly.
She snaps a finger and gets out a huge hourglass thing and tips it over like salt.
"You will die when this runs out!" She threatened looking me in the eye.
I cry a little as my screams are muffled I see Sable running out of the castle to come and get help.

The gang is in the forest hiding behind some rocks near the castle. Barely peaking out Kiku nearly cries again and squeals in fear.
"Shh!" Kira and Youkai shushed her covering her mouth.
"It's Sable!" Youkai and Kiku said but then they both got shushed.
She came up to them meowing like nya, nya~
"She's being tortured alive?" Kira said with scared popped eyes.
"She's in danger?" Youkai asked like in Lassie.
"We have to get in!" Kira insisted trying to be serious.
"But how?" Kiku coughed.
He scratched his chin and looked at the guards. They looked retarded and chanted "OH WEE OH!" nonstop.
Then he snapped a finger. "I have an idea!"
They both turned knowing what he meant and Kiku's teeth were chattering.
"We all LOVE Raven we have to help her!" Kira told her seriously.
"I know...I just...it wouldn't be good for my heart!" She clutched it as she said this.
"Stop being a fraidy cat!" Youkai said shutting her up.
"We have to dress up like these guys." Kira planned.
"How? We don't look like black mansion security for clubs and s**t." Youkai asked.
"We're going to have to try...besides, I need to make it up to her." He held where his heart should be and looked up at the night sky with wonder.
"Psst!" Kiku said hiding like a playful kitten.
"Aww! A kitty!" He followed her arms out to pet her.
She hissed and ran and he followed.
"Aww! Pretty kitty~!" He said sing-song.
"NOW!" Youkai shouted as they activated a trip wire and threw Kira's hard metal body at him. It conked him out.
Kira adjusted up.
"What a jam." He said like his head hurt sad but kind of happy.
"Groovy." Youkai said like in Evil Dead I think it's call.(Mom said I can't watch because there's devils I'm sorry! I just guessed!)
They did that until they hand enough clothes to dress them all. They put sunglasses on with the suits and walked like I hate to say this swag. They walked down the red carpet and a guy opened the door for them saluting. He nodded at them.
Youkai winked pointing at him.
"Stop fooling around Kiku said through sharp teeth needing to hide the most since she's a girl.
They all made it in safe. They snuck in like spies and while Annette was admiring herself in the mirror they carried me away and ran out of the room but before we could escape the guys came and saw us!
"Crap!" Kira said since it was his plan.
"s**t!" Youkai said feeling a flame.
We got cornered badly and they set him on fire.
We all screamed.
Sable came up to us and cowered with Kiku.
We all looked at the torches and pitchforks gasping because they're the REAL monsters!
I pull up a pail of water and toss it onto Youkai like a waterbending spell in Avatar.
Some of it gets on The Witch!
"You fools!" She screamed in pain. Her make-up from her foundation to her eyeshadow and body tan melting off almost like a second skin. Her weave and false lashes and stuff came off. She was made of nothing but fake! She literally whined and died over make-up after all! "I'm melting, I'm melting! What a world!"
We looked at ourselves and her with a smile and a gasp in disbelief.
Then we looked up at the guards. Kind of like a glare but not really.
"We're here for The Witch's broomstick!" Kiku gulped.
"You mean The b***h's?" A guard said with a laugh.
"But you're her guards?" I asked.
"Not anymore! I hated that girl! Now we're free! Here take it!" He said giving it to me.
They all danced and partied enjoying their freedom from slavery and the monkeys just got real jobs. We all hugged and Kira gave me one that was extra tight. We did as we were told. Now we needed The Wizard's approval.

I made my way back to Emerald City.
With a gulp, a sigh, my beloved friends, and a trophy I walked down the hall again feeling stronger now more than ever! But still scared.
He wasn't happy that we came at all.
"I didn't want to see you ever again!" He screamed at us like before but kind of different. More shy and surpised. He couldn't believe it either.
"We did what you asked for!" I cried out crying.
Kira put an arm on me and glared like steel. Man of Steel.
"ARE YOU ******** SERIOUS?! HOW IN THE WORLD?!" Youkai yelled kicking and breaking things.
"Bah humbug you old troll!" Youkai pointed bursting again.
"SILENCE!!!!!" The jerk shrieked at us all mean.
"Of all the nerve!" Kiku shouted stronger and louder than all of us combined! "How DARE you!"
He went quiet not expecting that either.
"The audacity! We went through all this trouble!"
He still looked mad and mean but was drawing in a bit. He was confused and not used to seeing people stand up to him and stuff since he's a big boss man type. He paused a bunch.
"You heard her!" I screamed as he got surprised again. He even gulped and feared me even as a hologram. He seemed sorry for what he has done.
But we needed some more evidence after all that jazz!
Sable could not stop meowing while we were fighting. I went over to pick her up but she ran off and started messing with a curtain pulling it out we do not see some big manly man! We see a normal guy quite like my uncle.
"Looks like you've got me!" He said raising his hands like a bank robbery.
He had black midnight night black hair kind of pulled back, pale chalk snow white skin, red eyes, a suit, and a long black cape with red under it.
He held my hand. "I'm sorry, Dorothy-I mean Raven! Is there any way I could make it up?"
I lurched away from the perv with a slap.
"Give us what we earned and what we came here for!"
"YEAH!" We demanded.
"Alright, alright! In order shall we?" He said like a band teacher.
"A home." I looked him right in the face.
"A heart." Kira said holding his chest.
"A brain." Youkai said with a hopeful smile.
"Courage!" Kiku said with a squeak closing and wincing her eyes. She did this confessingly.
"Hold on, hold on!" He said waving and went back to the closet.
Then he went and grabbed the things.
"My boy." The Wizard held his shoulders. He gets a diploma like when you graduate.
"Wow...wow! I can think! Math, poetry, life.." He said and it sounded kind of gay.
"I think...I think..." He stuttered. "I think I'm in love with you." He says holding Kiku's hand a little.
"A medal of honor for the strongest." He gives her a pin.
Kiku blushed and jumped up determined and happy.
"I'm brave now, guys! Look!"
We cheered.
"Show me an act of courage." Youkai tempted his golden yellow eyes into Kiku's big fat red ones.
"Where have you been all my life ragdoll?" She said and kissed the heck out of him!
We all surprised and gasped.
"Woohoo!" He said.
"And now Kiratron." The Wizard said coming up to him.
He shoots him a glare. A cold one.
"Hey...why aren't you getting me anything?" Kira complained all emo and sadly.
"Why you have one of the best of all!" Everyone smiled and cheered looking at him.
"What would that be?" He asked skeptic.
He put his hand in mine.
"You've always had a heart after all!" He smiled like a good friend at a wedding.
We hugged and kissed and with the power of my princess kiss he turned into a real boy! A human no less! It was like legends that started The Princess and The Frog and Pinocho.
We all grouped jumping up and down with one another. We worked for it after all!
"And finally..." He began. It was quiet and hanging and dramatic.
I felt anticipation smiling. He guided me away from the others and put a hand on my shoulder.
"You see, Raven. Those ruby red slippers are magical. Just tap them and say 'there's no place like home' 3 times."
I was nervous and sad and felt regret looking back.
"But-but what about all my friends?" I got teary-eyed again.
"Raven we'll always be there with you." Youkai said and stopped.
"Just make sure to never forget us, okay?" Kiku said sadly lip trembling as she gave me a final hug and cried bucket loads.
"I'll always be there for you. In the same way you'll always be for me..." He poked right where my heart is. "Your heart."
I sniffled and teared up. Kira is so sweet. I had to hug and kiss him goodbye and hug all of them.
I walked over to the teleportation chamber and clicked my heels.
"There's no place like home..." I said nervous and pausing like Carrie. "There's no place like home!" I held my eyes shut hard for that one. I felt guilt and anger and sadness but a happiness in a way. I looked back at all the sad faces gone hopeful.
"There's no place like home." I closed my eyes tight and opened them to look back.
"And more thing..." The Wizard said handing The TinMan and Lion and The ScareCrow the key to town.
"Oz is yours now." He said with a glint in his eye. He winked.
"Goodbye!" They all said and waved for me.
"Goodbye!" I waved back at them watching them until I goed with a glance at The Wizard as well as Ariel the Good waving at me too. I waved some more.
The baloon flew me up.

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