Okay I'm looking for some kind of new project to work on and haven't decided what it'll be yet. This could just end up being a boring old journal where I talk about what I ate for breakfast and what I'm up to but I'd like to give it a theme of some type.

I haven't done any coding or anything for a while so I was thinking of trying to work on a new project online. I think before I can really get into that I'm going to have to do what I've been putting off forever which is upgrading my OS and reinstalling everything and getting the newer versions of Visual Studio, Netbeans, etc. I already saved everything on an external hard-drive but I'm just putting off that last step.

Since this is my Gaia journal I'd like to think of a project that can improve my Gaia experience but I just don't know where I should put my focus. A while back I did make a program that would let me input the values every time I bought/sold from the marketplace to keep track of the prices of items when I bought them and when I sold them and track my earnings. It was useful but considering all the various sources of gold and items on Gaia it was purely for tracking data of marketplace purchases and stuff.

Anyways, I'm gonna think about it for a while and then decide what to do. Not sure if anybody reads this but if you are reading then feel free to leave suggestions.