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I just need to vent. I am not really looking for any real answers, just someone who will listen. It feels like no one wants to listen anymore. Plus, everyone I know is dealing with their own stuff and I do not wish to trouble them with my own problem
So many things have happened yesterday! I had no time to write on here! Where do I begin?

I took Pooky back to the dentist because he had another tooth hurting him. They said he would either have to have the tooth pulled or get a root canal. Well, getting a tooth pulled is only $214 without insurance, whereas getting a root canal is $2000 without insurance. That tooth is sadly next to the other tooth he had pulled which means if he was to get this tooth pulled as well, he would have a fairly large gap in the back of his mouth. He really does not want that. So the question is, where do we get $2000 for a root canal? I have $2k saved up for our wedding and I told him this. Pooky refused the money though, he told me that he could not take away my wedding. Honestly, as long as I get to marry him, it could be in a courthouse for all I care. I told him this as well, but he still refused, he said he wants me to have the wedding I have been planning since I was little. He is so sweet but I hate seeing him in pain.... Well it turns out there is a credit card specifically for health care, including dental. It is called the care credit card and Pooky got approved for it! As long as he pays it back within a year, there will be no interest! It will hinder our saving for a bit, but as long as he doesn't have to be in pain anymore then I do not care.

Yesterday I also went in person to apply for that one job! They scheduled me for an interview and I am quite nervous! The funny thing is though, someone else from the company called me today to schedule an interview too. I could not answer the phone because I was at Walmart and it was loud when I received the call. I tried calling back four different times, but no one answered so I left a message on my last attempt. I hope there was not an issue with the scheduling. I cannot help but worry!

After all of this, I took Pooky to work. There he met someone who works in electronic repair and the guy agreed to take Pooky on as an intern! Now Pooky is thinking about making this his career and perhaps even pursuing a 2 year degree in the field! I am so happy for him! He has been in a great mood because of it. I have not seen him this happy in weeks! He gets to get his tooth fixed and now an internship! Things are looking up for him! Of course, when he tried to tell The Dad about everything, The Dad had to turn it into a lecture. My dad would have done the same thing though.... but I wish The Dad could have just been happy for him without the lecture. He needs that kind of support right now in his life.

On another note, because of how busy yesterday was, I have fallen behind on my schoolwork! This week's work includes a 7 page paper due on Sunday that I have not had the chance to start yet..... I still have to finish two quizzes, an excel assignment, two statistic assignments, and a chapter in Strategic management.... I wonder if I will ever catch a break? I mean what is wrong with teachers assigning this much work? I do not care what excuses they have, I am not learning anything from these assignments. To me it is just busy work and I hate it. Because there is so much work, I do not have time to read the textbooks that I spent a fortune on. It makes my anxiety go through the roof. I will not give up though! I refuse to give up! I will work hard and get my assignments done. I just have to keep it up until finals in May. Just a few more months! I figure as long as yo turn in the assignments and do all of the quizzes then they can not fail you. So far, I have been correct.

My biggest struggle when it comes to completing homework assignments, is finding the energy and motivation to do them. This semester, the only class that I am learning something in is my Finances class. I have already learned Human Resources and Management though job experience. They are hard only because of the work they assign. Statistics is leaving me in the dark because the online class program that is used has a weird way of explaining formulas and equations. I am trying my best though. That is all we can do, right?

Something that is making me happy though, is my table in Pooky's office. Working on my homework in the office is a lot better than doing it on my cot in the dark. I am in the office right now typing this actually! Pooky let me add my own touches to my space. I have my Butter King poster hanging on the wall in front of me, my cowboy Luffy figure, Giyu Tomioka figure, and Aizawa Shota Sensei figure are sitting on my table. I have a candle burning behind me. I do not know the scent of the candle though.... It smells sweet whatever it is. Since Pooky has foam paneling on the door, it is nice and quiet in here (unless Pooky is talking in the other room, he is loud). I also feel a sense of privacy away from The Dad. Since there is foam paneling on the door, he cannot see through this doors cracks. He might be able to hear me though, so I try to stay as quiet as possible.
The only thing I worry about is if Pooky's sister comes to visit. She will have to stay in this room which means I must again move my stuff out... my only hope is that if she does want to visit, she will not be able to stay because Pooky has an online class to teach (Pooky works as an online English teacher, a barback, and now as an intern). That is my only saving grace!

I brushed my teeth yesterday and this morning! It is still a start but hopefully I can get to the point to where I brush them twice a day. I have not been eating all that healthy though. Right now I am munching on some cotton candy.... The last time I was weighed (November 2019), I weighed 120lbs. Before that (in May of 2019) I weighed 117lbs. Weight matters a little bit but the main thing is diabetes... It is hereditary in my family so I must be careful! I cannot deny the obvious though, I am addicted to sugar (probably caffeine too but that is not currently an issue). The little bit of weight gain is noticeable but I must be careful not to gain too much. I wish I could start working out, but right now I do not have the money for a gym membership and it is too wet and cold outside to do anything there (the outside is just mud).

For now, I must focus on school. The more I write this, the less time I have for homework. I need to take a shower though so I will do that at some point here soon. Perhaps once my brain reaches extreme levels of fried from the Statistics.

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