“Sometimes you realize that true love in its absolute form has many purposes in life.
It's not actually just about bringing babies into the world or romance or soul mates or even lifelong companionship.
The love we had in our past, unfinished, untested, lost love, seems so easy, so childish to those of us who choose to settle down.
But, actually, it's the purest, most concentrated stuff.”

- episode 2 Modern Love

The writing in Modern Love is brilliant. I love that the series was inspired by true stories. It brings lessons of life and love to which I relate, but had yet to explain so perfectly.
Love DOES have many purposes. In it we learn not only what love is, but also what it isn’t.
There are many things to regret in life, but try never to regret love. Even love that was trying or difficult. Those failures in love are how we learn about ourselves.They allow us the greatest opportunities for growth.

Love is one of our greatest teachers.