Depression pretzel recipe!

1 individual with 20+ years of repressed feelings

1 plastic bed

1 QR wristband

2 days of hospital food

3 types of anti-depressant medication

3 doctors

2 nurses

1 batch of patients

Step 1! Very important! Make sure that you take your individual, and fix it to feel like the other patients, so be sure to fasten one of those qr bands on them. Slowly then, carefully fold the individual in with the patients with casual activities and hospital food.
This will ensure that they feel part of the unit, and get very attached to the idea.

Step 2. once again, VERY important step... be sure that the bed is made of hard plastic, and covered with a nice foam top to confuse and comfort the individual. This will be crucial!

step 3, have the individual meet with the same doctors as the patients, to create a sense of safety

step 4, have nurses administer meds prescribed by the doctors, and let sleep overnight

the individual will rest very well at this stage, and you'll know you're doing it right

step 5, start the day as usual, but the individual will look very confused, anxious, and stiff...

if done correctly, this should cause the individual to bend and twist into the most painful positions you can think of, and possibly even black out!

Congratulations! You just made a depression pretzel a la catatonia!