What's your name?: Leigh
Do you still attend school?: online learning
How tall are you?: 5'8"
Do you wish you were taller or shorter?: shorter
Do you wear glasses/contacts?: I have emo glasses. I'm -7.00
What color is your hair?: black
What color are your eyes?: green
Your best physical feature:: my feet are pretty cool
Your best personality trait:: not taking crap from people
Color?: black
Non-alcoholic drink?: black tea & AUS honey
Food?: Thai
Genre of music?: metal
Singer?: Chiaki san
Movie?: Advent Children
Actor?: Subaru's drama was neat
Current song?: アヴァンチック他人の不幸は蜜の味
Concert you've attended?: The Gazette in LA
School project you've done?: debate
Place to be?: livehouse
Book?: Japanese Learning
Person to be with?: my ex boyfriend
Flower?: sakura blossoms
Website?: recipeczarr
Ice cream flavor?: chocolate cream Oreo
Pizza topping?: alfredo & jalepeno
State?: California
Country?: America
Culture?: Nihon
Religion?: Buddhism
Politician?: n/a
U.S. President?: n/a
Language?: Nihongo
School subject?: Drama
Accent?: Osaka
Moment in History?: the first time reading kanji