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Drying Paint Slightly less boring and more colorful than watching dust settle.

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Knives out
Sooooo I love this movie!

I saw it in theaters ("in the before time" echoing in the distance) with my sister. Then I showed it to my roommate, and finally we showed it to my wife. It was so great to see it again through her eyes. I noticed some things I had missed before. Also, it's just great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone who like comedies and/or murder mysteries.

exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim Here be spoilers, you've been warned exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim exclaim

I loved all the social commentary. That no one knows where Marta is from. And how she's "a part of the family" and they'll "take care of her" until she has what they think is their birthright.

Say what you will about Joni. Flam is obviously Goop i.e. film flam. She isn't nearly as successful as she pretends to be. She steals from her father in law. But she at least continues to treat Marta like a person. She doesn't yell at her or call her a b***h. Also, she acknowledges that it's not okay to keep children in ******** cages!

I'm glad they point out the nazi kid. I'd be so ashamed if he was my kid.

Chris Evans is a really good actor. I mostly know him as Captain America; a wholesome character, who is one of my favorite superheroes. Totally different character here, and completely believable. I would not have been able to imagine seeing him as a psychopath. But like, he plays evil so well.

Also, multiple people call undocumented immigrants criminals. Immigration is civil, not criminal, code. They are not criminals. I'm glad that there's sympathy for Marta's mom.

It's easy to criticize and judge immigrants who don't come here legally, when you're born here. But coming here legally isn't so easy and is not always possible. It costs a lot of money and can take 10 years. If you need to escape violence, you can't wait 10 years! Also if any of your documents aren't perfect, you can't immigrate. So if you live in a developing nation and your school records weren't computerized and were lost in a flood or fire or something, you're screwed (take this with a grain of salt, I'm too lazy to look it up).

My favorite is when white people are like "my ancestors came in the right way - legally." Um the rules were way different then. When my ancestors came to the US, all they had to do was show up at Ellis Island, and be in good health. They didn't have to prepare for years, filing the right documents at the exact right time. BTW, a lot of those documents must be mailed, which is not a secure mode of communication. This includes bank statements, birth certificates, pay stubs, etc.

I don't envy anyone who has to leave their home, whether under threat of violence, or for economic opportunities, etc.

So this turned into a rant about immigration. But, like, pro-immigrant. Go watch Knives Out if you haven't seen it.


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