I grew up applying my mind to others, and rolling with my childhood programming regarding myself. So, I thought I wanted the American dream of a husband, 1-10 kids, and a white picket fence.
But, in my thirties?
First, apartments are way better than houses, because your neighbors are near to talk, and hang out. I'd much rather live in an apartment than a house.
Second, I turned out attracted to women.
Third, I turned out to be an intersex male.
Fourth, I decided I'd rather have lots of love interests, and lots of friends than a spouse, and to not do the deed.
Fifth, I've decided that if I ever parent, I'd rather the kid(s) be 10+.
Sixth, I thought that if I'd ever have a career that it'd be in education, but now I'm rethinking about whether that's what I'd really enjoy. I mean, sure, it'd be nice to save kids from making my past mistakes, but won't they learn either way?
I'm realizing that everything others wanted for me was... To enslave me.
Marriage is enslavement. People shouldn't own eachother as property.
Parenting is enslavement.
Jobs dedicated to serving others instead of myself is more enslavement.
Surely, there's a better way to live?

I want a career. One that I enjoy.
And, I want to live with family for the rest of my life instead of alone.
Or, maybe with like-minded friends who want to enjoy life.

In fact, I don't want to have anymore pets after my cats die of old age in another 4-14 years. Because, I'm basically their slave. I'd rather hang out with people.