I also want to shed some light on my past. Onto the negative memories in my mind. You held a lot of anger and frustration at some point in time, & you still do. And my heart feels this pain too. But I just want to let you know it'll all be okay. I'm sorry that you said things you didn't mean that ended up hurting you. I'm sorry you felt that way, but it doesn't always have to be that way. So right now I'm sending good energy and love to the dark memories I hold within. I hope you can heal.. I hope you'll someday not feel betrayed.. You're precious & uniquely your own. heart

You know deep down that you want to live a good life and get along with others & have some fun. And you do the best you can. Just because you trip doesn't mean you ever gave up.

Remember the good times as well? That's just proof that your struggles weren't in vain. There's gold shimmering in your rivers. Happiness & cool-warmth running through your soul & spirit. Don't be sad. Nothing was ever truly lost. At times it may seem so. Good times will continue to come. Your heart has always been in the right place. You just need to balance things out!

Your heart is big. That's why you know the answer so quickly when it comes to giving up your life for someone. Your love is very warm to those that desire the same warmth, attention, and affection. And that part of you will never die. Through time you'll learn to satiate & balance out your needs and temptations and grow even more so upon your love.