UGHHHHH, it has been a long and boring day today. :whambulance: : sweatdrop Nothing really much going on today besides my appointment with my psychiatrist via phone call due to the coronavirus for like, a solid 15 minutes. rolleyes All I've been mainly doing is basically coloring and watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix through my phone until it basically almost died, lmfao. crying talk2hand So now, here I am venting on Gaia yet again and claiming my daily reward before I play some Sims 3 or 4, I haven't really decided which one yet... gonk sweatdrop It was a nice relaxing day for the most part considering my busy week this week, which was very much needed to be honest. xp I'm one of those people who are more introverted (not to the extent like Squidward of course) but who also like to have some socialization here and there and need some time to themselves after a lot of running around, if that makes sense. whee whee I know, I'm weird, I'm like an intro-extrovert. A 50-50 combo if you will. eek rofl 4laugh I also did something that I haven't done since like 2017 and that was.... DRUMROLL PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *Clears throat* wink rofl mrgreen PAINT MY FINGERNAILS!!! I've never been the type to do makeup much or paint her nails, but I felt like doing so to feel like THAT b***h to lift my spirits up. sweatdrop heart heart I hope the rest of the week and weekend is JUST as exciting as the beginning of this week was!!! xp xp I can't wait to go shopping for markers at Michael's with my Grandma and go to Starbucks, it's been forever since I've even HAD Starbucks!!! I think I deserve some for all the progress I've made mentally and emotionally, I'm really proud of myself!!! heart heart mrgreen But anyway, I'm off for the night! BYEEEEEEE!!!!!! xp heart