Wow has so many things changed! I remember leaving Gaia in like 2015 due to fishing not being fixed. It was my main source of happiness. Now I'm back and Gaia gold is GONE!!! I see Tek Tek has officially been wiped out. I checked on ZOMG and it seems a bit unlively but I'm not too sure. New games, that's exciting. However, I'm most excited to see if they've made any new changes to fishing items and rewards.

I think the saddest part of returning is missing out on the halloween and anniversary even items. Seriously wanted to cwy my eyes wittle eyes out when I saw I couldn't get the Gaia Emo shirt anymore. ick! And I'm so happy they've incorporated a lot more grombie skin into the items but it simply is not enough yet. I don't know how many grombies are left on this site but GROMBIE LIVES MATTER.

I think it's time to hit up fishing and learn of any new additions.