Anonymous journal entry: You call me stressful, but all I do is send memes and pics. I wish you could of talked about it or something, but no, you use emotional blackmail like that to get your way.
I've probably gained a couple new wrinkles now cuz of you and your drama...


My reply:Sometimes people don't understand that they're taking advantage of you. And if they love you they'll do there best to change certain aspects about themselves so that you both can be happy. Just talk about it openly. Communication is key my friend & that'll lead you to the middle road if there is one.

Anon:Am I in trouble? D:


My reply: Not really. Just saw your recent journal entry. I had a similar situation come up. Except I was the "Blackmailer."

I didn't really know I was emotionally blackmailing. In my head it wouldn't even be considered that. I just really strongly desired something from someone and didn't think about how that person felt as I projected that desire.

I was just all about satiating that desire rather than appreciating the small things there is between two friends & as partners.

All in all it would be wise to take some space and time to reflect. When two people are continuously communicating it's wise to find time for yourself as well. It's hard to address ones own actions when we don't take time for ourselves. Self love is really important. Because it allows you to have healthier more communicative friendships and relationships. Feeling good on the inside is good energy to be sharing with others on the outside. heart


Anon: Much respect to learning from past mistakes. emotion_brofist
I can't really communicate with them on here cuz they keep on blocking and unblocking me lol
I would love to talk it out but they put that wall of I stress them out. Didn't say anything else


Meep: Heck yeah emotion_brofist

Same though dude. The only thing you really can do is be #1 right now. You're the top priority. If it helps you should do more journal entries. Maybe see which way you direct your energy. Sometimes I find that when I type up too much negative stuff it can create an undertow.

Words can turn into cruise ships, and when they're weighing down with uncertainty and stress it's good to get clear and form mending words that can help you draw experience and warmth from the pain. If you keep up with the negativity those ships will sink and drag you under with them. The mind is very powerful so it is wise to observe the highs and lows and try to balance out the ride.

Pain can really build your character. Because true love and strength really stems from within. And sometimes we become so disconnected that we lose touch with our deeper selves. Try and direct your focus and find solitude in neutrality. Respect the positive & negative. They're both teachers and when you listen they both will bring great gifts.