Tarot card of the day: 7 of Wands (Debauch, Venus in Scorpio)

Oracle card of the day: 16 (Bad omen)

Name of God: Resh Hey Ayin (39. Diamond in the rough)

Astrological weather: From Lua Astrology: "Lunar Aspects. Sun in Virgo quincunx Mars retrograde in Aries – It’s a broody atmosphere, given to stormy encounters unless we’re mindful of the energies at play. Emotionally we may feel walled in, angry that we’re not getting what we need, worn down, threatened by stronger forces, tired of power plays. As the Moon slips into Scorpio, emotions intensify and the urge is to wrestle for control when all we really need is to feel deeply seen, heard and understood.

It’s a complex picture but also an opportunity to learn to manage anger and frustration in healthy ways. Consider outlets like physical exercise, wild dancing, walking, anything to get the body moving and blood pumping. Walk away from confrontations. Don’t take the bait. Calm restlessness with routine work and tasks to keep the mind occupied. Prioritize wellbeing over chasing goals. Learn to be at ease with doing nothing if nothing can be done.

Degrees and Times
Moon22°Li32', Pluto 22°Cp32' R – 07:39 (BST)
Moon 25°Li24', Saturn 25°Cp24' R - 12:13
Moon 27°Li27', Mars 27°Ar27' R – 15:28 (BST)
Moon 00°Sc00' - 19:32 (BST)
Sun 27°Vi24', Mars 27°Ar24' R – 22:54 (BST)"

Night-time dreams: I forgot. I just have the vague impression that it was pretty wild.

PHT evening was wild though. Something about college and a professor who only told the local people staying at the university that the test papers have to be picked up well before the exam proper. And in the dream I lived in Olongapo, had a boarding house situation, and had to be driven to UPD by Arjay who I paid PHP200 for...

I most remember crying buckets of tears on the ground somewhere. Because that really hurt. I woke up, went to the bathroom, went to sleep, and continued the dream, with me on medication (that the prof initially confiscated because he didn't believe in medication; I would take them before the class instead) and so having glassy eyes, just going through the motions until I got what I needed, and something about some detours through some farmland on the way home.

Momentum: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” - Henry David Thoreau. "Let your light shine."

Thoughts: Whew. I zipped through a lot today. I didn't get around to invocations, but I learned about this company called MSCHF, took a stab at the beginners' material in Aletheia, snuck a peek in Carolyn Elliott's WEALTH monthly for August, found all these other cool people through that hashtag, started looking up Kabbalah material in Netflix...

I also slipped and fell in the bath with little damage and had the most touchy nightmare for some time. So pretty wild, but I totally get where the 7oC is coming from. LOL. I love it! A weekend well spent. I'm thinking that once I get through all this beginner material, I can start solidifying a holistic practice and set a proper Habitica dash for my personal stuff.

Meditations/Magical work: I got into Aletheia! And they have a channel on audio lectures. Also, I busted out Total Kabbalah and the 72 Names of God deck. I don't know where exactly I'm going, I just... did that, but I think this continual impulse is trying to take me somewhere.

I have so many questions. Why does meditating on the 72 Names of God make me feel things? Does this mean I'm paying homage to the Abrahamic God? (Something inside me is violently shaking its head.) My patron deity remains to be Shakti, but why am I getting deeper and deeper into Kabbalah?

Well, there's a lot of material for me to get into, and with Virgo transitioning into Scorpio, I don't think I need to worry about having the energy to get there.

I want to try invocation though! Here's the challenge:

"- Pick an item you can carry around with you, and for a week invoke a specific emotion into it every chance you get. The following day, carry it around with you and see if the item has an effect on you. Also, test it by asking someone to hold the item and tell you how it makes them feel."

Time to bust out the crystals I think!

Next actions: Tita Mona :3 And more of this quiet madness lol