I want to go up. Sometimes I don't want to go up. Sometimes I sit still & am comfortable with where I am. But when I bask in that warmth it slowly dims over time. Stagnation settles in & I have to go up before I go down. I want to be happy & move around joyously. I want to take in my achievements and feelings of wellness and rest overnight knowing that I did well.

Other times I gloom & doom over the past & I go far down. But then I realize that isn't going up and it's bringing me down. No point in thinking about the betrayals unless I need to remind myself why what's gone is gone. The pain makes me see what I am not. I am no traitor. I am the betrayed. I am no quitter, I am the abandoned. I am no prisoner to my ego I am the patriot of the heart.

I'm loyal, honest, and brave. I strive to change my ways. My heart triumphs over my ego at the end of the day.