I feel sick. Empty.. Discarded.. Hopeless.. I'm briefly free when life speeds up, I am shackled and wound up when it slows down. This page could really be empty but it has words. Words that neither bring me up nor down. I'm tired. Tired of the pain, sorrow, and emptiness that I feel. Like a slumbering dragon awaiting for the knight to come slay it because the princess in the tower is too scared to acknowledge the "monster" she created below her.

All I smell is fear, disdain, and a lack of trust towards me. Some people see gold and a life full of rich experiences, material possessions, drugs, & sex. Some people see hearts of gold not fully realizing the viscosities that make it up are far purer than that of gold. Life's moving fast and I'm getting old. My heart has been abandoned by many because they thought there ought to be something of higher purity than the gold they sold.

But I am not a value in an equation on some imaginary pyramid. This heart isn't made of metal. It's a soft crimson red plum that beats unendingly like a drum in search for the one that realizes what I am. A being that feels pain and sorrow. A being that feels the need for love, attention, and fairness.

So far I have been deceived time & time again. This soft heart has taken a beating. And I've retaliated in turn. Scaring away those precious to me. Breaking those unable of perceiving a pure weak heart.

This world will burn for the greed of humanity.