Life can be a struggle. Keeping my head up and moving forward through the rough terrains before me only makes me stronger. There may be many challenges ahead of me but there's nothing I haven't went head to head with. This armor isn't what makes me strong, it's the soul that guides me and provides the willpower for me to see through the troubles ahead.

I have seen many gruesome things. I've survived many battles. Took many daggers to my heart. But I still stand proud with my sword & shield. I still walk among this beautiful Earth one with nature. One day I'd like to settle down & be bestowed the gift of a loyal wife that satiates all my desire's and needs. She would give her body soul and spirit & I would give mine. There's one thing I will always be blessed with, and that's the mother beneath my feet & the sun above my head.

There may be dark troubled creatures that lurk under the moonlit sky whom are thirsty for the life essence of those with a strong heart. If trouble is what they are after it's trouble they will find. This reflective shield illuminates me & protects me, and this sword puts an end to those dark deities that may be after me and my fellow brothers and sisters.