Kindness must be one of the greatest virtues, & we all could be a little more kind in our daily lives. There were plenty times in the past where I was rude & cruel to people that I love. This negativity did nothing for anybody. It can be difficult to shine through ones hatred. Difficult to show compassion towards those not showing compassion nor kindness towards us.

It's important that we treat those how we expect to be treated. Not fight fire with fire. It's easier said than done. But it isn't all too hard either. All's it requires is a bit of self reflection. Holding up our shadow to the light. Letting our deeper subconscious know that it needn't hurt. & it needn't hurt others. Pain is something we all know & felt at some point.

Pain is something that'll reside within us forever and ever. Love, compassion, and open-mindedness heals pain. Love brings warmth to the darkness that resides deeply within our core. I hope the people of the world can learn to forgive one another & accept one another's faults and move beyond past transgressions to build a better brighter world. So be kind & compassionate! You'll attract good energy !