Warning! Physical Abuse and Strong Language

Short fic Featuring my OCs Akumu and Rose.

Rose struggled underneathe Akumu, as he held her down almost effortlessly. He leered, towering over her with his full height.

“Do you obey?” He demanded, twisting her left arm back, pushing her face closer to the floor. She gasped, clenching her teeth together.

“******** you!” She shouted, putting more effort into her struggle. Akumu narrowed his eyes, and with a tug a loud ‘pop’ was heard from Rose’s shoulder. A painful scream was forced out of her mouth, breath coming in short pants.

“Do you obey?” He demanded again. He dropped Rose’s broken arm, uncaring of the gasp it caused from the redhead, as he switched to the other arm, twisting that one back.

Rose layed on the floor panting for a few seconds before growling out a, “******** you!”

Another pop was heard after that statement followed up by a painful scream. Akumu stood back, watching Rose, curious to what she’ll do now without any arms. Would she stay down and give up? No, that’s silly. She’s too defiant for that. Possibly just catching her breath.

Rose continued to fall down after trying to get up, or at least trying to meneauver her knees under her. As minutes went by Akumu started to get bored, and almost called it, ready to destroy this pathetic human.

But then it happened. She managed to place her knees underneath her, using them as balance. She slowly leaned up, arms useless beside her. Her face was one of determination mixed with pain, sweat dropped down her chin, eyes glass and far away, yet that spark of something lingered. He just couldn’t figure out what it is. Who it is.

Once Rose is on her feet, a bit wobbly, but standing nonetheless. Akumu goes up to her and kicks her down. Her head makes a loud smack on the concrete floor. This time it takes her a bit longer to come back to herself and when she does Akumu thought to himself that her expression had to be his favorite so far.

Yet that fire still burns in her eyes. Even with tears streaming down her face, mixing in with her sweat, even when pain recks her body causing her to stremble, even with both her arms useless at her side.

It makes Akumu curious. It makes him want to know why. Why continue fighting? Specially when the odds are stocked up against you. So why?

“Such defiance. Tell me..” Akumu circled around Rose’s fallen body like stalking prey. “Who are you fighting for? It obviously isn’t for yourself. Morgan would betray you any chance she has. Is it for that fae? Is she fueling you? Giving you strength?”

Akumu leans down, resting on his heels. “Tell me how she’s doing it!”

Rose starts laughing, making Akumu frown, baring his teeth dangerously. Rose laughs harder until she gasps from pain.

“You think you have everything figured out, huh? That you’re one step ahead of every one. Well not this time. It’ll be me that’ll have the last laugh.”

Akumu tilted his head slightly, this time confused, but angry. Angry at something he honestly doesn’t understand. It frustrated him, balling up his fist, he aimed it towards Rose’s face.

Rose had no choice but to shut her eyes and hope for the best. But the blow never came. She hesitated at first, soon she figured she had to know what happened.

She opened her eyes, Akumu’s hand inches away from her forehead. It wasn’t a fist, almost as if he was going to high five her forehead. That thought had her lips curled up for a split second.

“If you won’t tell me then I’ll extract that information myself.” Then Rose felt blinding pain, all of her nerves were on fire, was she getting burned alive? Electrocuted? Whatever it is she wanted it to stop it was too much. All she could do was scream until she couldn’t scream anymore.

Black veins grew from Akumu’s hand down towards Rose’s forehead. It traveled across to the side of her eyes, down to her neck. Her eyes rolled back, unable to form a thought, as Akumu searches inside her memories for something useful.

Then he found it. What made Rose continue on, what gives her strength to stand, to live. To be defiant. To rebel against his rule. To be a hero.

With a bitter tone he growled out, “ That goddamn mongrel!” And disappeared in a thick cloud of smoke, leaving Rose to fend for herself.

“I will kill her if it’s the last things I’ll do!”

Rose knew from here on out she had to protect Miyuki at all costs.