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WOOT!!! COOL WHHIP!!! that is no typo people

i M B e a N
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beggining of my fanfiction.netfruba story
"Ah, another fine day mom," says Tohru Honda stretching and smiling. "I wonder what adventures the Somas' and I will go on today!"

She opens her window with a small amount of difficulty. It's spring and the temperatures haven't exactly completely warmed up all the way, yet, anyways. She looked out the window pondering her roll in the Soma family curse from these past few months. Akito had killed himself to free the Zodiac Curse. That had taken ahold of the Soma family for centuries. To break the curse, the one that posed as 'God', had to kill himself willingly. On one condition, Tohru watch as he lie dying from blood loss. She was not to take her eyes off of him or he would give the signal to Hatori to come and stop it.

So as horrible as it was for her, all those tears, she kept her horrified gaze on him. As he slit his wrists, 1 centimeter deep and then, he bled to death over the next 20 minutes. She though it would've been faster. He held his gaze looking at her evenly, smiling , his cruel smile. Then as she watched the light of light fade from his eyes. She shook more and more violently as time went on. At the 30 minute mark, Hatori went and checked Akitos' pulse and confirmed his death.

Tohru instantly started sobbing quietly, she didn't want to make a racket, then she felt two pairs of arms around her. She jolted in surprise, on either side of her, was Kyo and Yuki. They all looked at each other with as much shock as they must feel. She was HUGGING Kyo and Yuki! The curse was indeed broken. But her heart was far from over-joyed. She was scarred from the shock of watching Akito die the way he did.

But she told herself, "I will overcome this! I won't let this grief overtake me! They mean to much to me!"

It took about a year of therapy from Hatori and lots of cuddles from both Kyo and Yuki, who had a mutual agreement, that were both needed to be part of her recovery. They were also watching but they were used to even more unpleasant things than that from Akito, so they really didn't seem to mind the blood. They were used to his horrifying deeds. So this, no matter how permanent it was, was just another day they hoped to end on a better note. Which it did, both Kyo and Yuki no longer fought each other over winning in strength. But now they were fighting for Tohrus' heart.


"Hello? Earth to Tohru!" Uo-Chan said.

Tohru looked up embarrassed, "EEEEE! I'm so sorry, I guess I was spacing out again!"

Kyo looks at her exasperatedly. He knew what she was thinking of and he took her in his arms, "Talk to me." he mumbled into her hair.

Kyo was sexy in all his orange fiery

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