Aren't there any ppl that actually care about other ppl?

It's like ya'll don't know how to just be friends with someone, you know, a decent human being.

Where is your heart? Where is your empathy?

I don't know what's so hard about asking your friend if they're ok & taking even the smallest bit of interest in their hobbies. It's supposed to be a GOOD thing to share your hobbies & joys with ppl but everyone here is so void of emotion. Ya'll are draining to spend time with. If I wanted to talk to a robot, there are actual BOTS on IMs.

So act like you actually give a ********. Cuz I'm tired of giving & never receiving. It's just not that hard to be considerate of ppl, start practicing it right now & keep going with it.

I'm thinking it was a mistake to make this account. No one cares about me here. Thinking maybe I should leave.