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let's do this thing
ok so Im going to work on something (avi wise) later today, um maybe lol
is everyone else tired of stay at home orders?
but i hope you're all sticking to them because honestly we have all those assholes that refuse to wear a mask and whine about their "freedoms" (that they never actually fought for) and carry around butt hurt signs with slogans like "we're ALL essential" (like awweeee, did nobody tell you that you were important today? poor thing) UGH! ******** off already - it is a direct thanks and ******** you to all those people because it is absolutely because of them all that this covid s**t has lasted this bloody long.

If you would just wear your damned mask, stay the hell at home and let this s**t get under control - we might see the end of this.

(if they had just stayed in and done the right stuff the first two months, this would have played out much different)

anyway, thank you to the sweetie who left a comment yesterday, you made me smile heart

I am outty!

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Kotori Tsukirin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 03, 2021 @ 02:51pm
Same sad There has been so much drama from 2020 (I think 2021 will have a lot of drama as well) and the ignorant people is probably biggest problem of humanity. Social media has influenced and affected a lot on society.

And I like your blogs/journals! they make my day better just by reading whee

commentCommented on: Mon Feb 08, 2021 @ 01:48am
lol ikr, its been crazy!

and i thank you though Im sorry most days Im just bored shitless and dont say a whole lot razz

Mutiny in Heaven
Community Member
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